Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shopping spree~*

I just came back from shopping. Buying some usual stuffs. Pencuci muka, body shampoo and kapas muka. Beli di Guardian. Luckily, I got this discount card, offering 20% off for some selected items,valid till end of July. It seems that my visit to Guardian is not a waste. They do offer good bargains for their loyal customers like me! But yet, I do prefer Watson rather than Guardian.

I love shopping~with or without money! Window shopping somehow used to be my hobby during my campus days. Masa tu byk masa ronggeng bersama member2. Jelajah bandar JB. Any shopping complex in JB, just name it, I’ve been there! I do have certain passion during shopping hours. With or without my friends, these are the list must-somehow-sneak-into when I shop~! Hehehe…

~I really browse into farmacy. Rak demi rak. Just love it~! I can spend hours in the farmacy as I take several brands for one product and study the difference between them. So, dah boleh detect which produk yg elok tak elok. My personal fave is Watson and Guardian. Others such as Appex selalunyer akn letak harga slightly lebih tggi dari these 2 farmacies. Plus, you can easily find some expired products in here. So, always stick to Watson and Guardian! Also, there are certain stuffs you can get better buy at Watson and some other stuffs are better buy at Guardian. Hehehe..

Shoe store
~Ok. I’m crazy about shoes! Ironically, I can go to every single shoe store in the shopping complex and try every single shoes and sandals on display! I made this record in MINES, Angsana JB and City Square JB. Plus, boley try byk2 kali pulak tuh and keep on coming back to the same store just to compare which one looks better~kasut kat kedai ni ke atau kat kedai tuh? Record ni dibuat dari seawal shopping complex bukak [11 pg] sampai kene halau dgn pak guard [10.30mlm]. I will have size 6 for my shoes and size 5 for my sandals. Utk org berduit sederhana mcm saya, my personal fave sandals is Vincci and Marie Clair for my shoes. Carlo Rino also not bad lar~ and don’t get me wrong, I don’t have many collection of shoes as I’m so picky when it comes to choosing one~! Hehehe…

Book Store Vs Stationary store
I love both! My personal fave bookstore is MPH sebab dia punyer cawangan merata2. Also love kinokuniya tapi kat KLCC jer yg nmpk best. [plus tak jumpa kat tempat lain lagi]. Use to spend hours on MPH’s floor reading books. Stationary store is also my passion and my personal fave is the famous Czip Lee in Kajang~! Lots of weird stationaries can be found here and its kinda cool when u get to use one. Kalau hilang, senang cari sbb kita sorg jer pakai tu. So, org tak boleh curi stationary kita sembrgn!

So, lain daripada tuh, shopping mcm biasa lar. My personal store also includes seed, padini, british india, bodyglove[msa zaman campus],hush puppies and guess. Mostly, I just window shop. I can easily relief my stress by shopping! Trying out new outfits and get to buy one adalah satu nikmat tak terucap. Lebih nikmat kalau ada org lain yg belanja! hehehe.. So, siapa nak join my shopping spree sempena midyear megasale nih? Hehehe… *wink*