Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One In A Million~*

ok.. since my fave team,brazil lost to my not-so-fave team, i find the world cup is missing sumthing. hehehe... so, life goes on... despite the ending sparks of WC, malaysia pun takde kurangnyer seri in the singing contest. AF and OIAM are on their way. i never had AF in my list, so i go for malaysian idol. tapi lesen malaysia idol dah kene tarik, so, ganti dgn one in a million... hmm.. not bad lar.. check out these top 10~!
Mimi~great voice but with image problem here. she is suppose to look sweet just like her voice. hope she makes the rite song choice later, with the rite outfit!
Lokman~hmmm.. nothing much on him. Its just that he knows how to make friends with the stage. thats how he awes the judges~!

Farah Asyikin bt. Dato' Zulkifli... hahaha.. my cousin here. nice sweet voice. she improves a lot since she had her professional trainings on her vocals. personally kin, i think u can beat dayang lar. just need more konfidens jer. and please darl, try to look sweeter when u tarik ur voice~! [menggerunkan u know~!!] go kin go~!! [pssstt.. they provide u enuf clothes ah? dont forget,u promise not to look sexy maaa...]

Faizal~! i love this guy.. unik beb~! definitely boley jadik vocal maroon 5! hopefully dia tak salah pilih lagu. got potential to be in the top 5!

dayang nurfaizah~! you cant deny her. she has her own classy ways. she can definitely grab 1M~! what the heck, she did come here for the money tho~

Azfar~not my choice too but kinda good voice. definitely wont make it to the top 5~! need to work harder man~!

Anny- i dont know how she end up here.. definitely not my choice~!

Alif~he wasnt the prefered one but he manage to knock out the most prefered contestant by the judges-sook yee! he did conquer the stage with 'this love' by maroon 5. he did pretty well.

Alia was one of the top 10. she is not bad but i dont think she will stay long.

Ameen.. the guy yg 'berani main mata' with syafinaz.. he wasnt on the top 10, but he manage to impress the judges with his sweet charm. he knocked out the 3rd prefered contestant-zai[she picked the wrong song].
so, who are your prefered choice? the knocked out contestants got their second chance by sms. after going thru the survey, i find that sook yee will be back in the list. she was the most prefered contestant followed by dayang, zai and farah. sook yee is damn good but with the wrong song~!! really want her back in track too. i think she will. only 2 will be choosen joining these top-10.
so, who's your pick?