Saturday, November 18, 2006

Free reading~

With no idea in my head, I just feel like writing. What ever comes out in my head rite now, is just pure words with no exact intention of saying it so.

Bangun pagi ni, dah ready2 nak pergi ceramah. Sampai depan surau, hampeh takde ceramah. Penceramah masih beraya. But like my mum said, at least, kita dapat pahala berniat baik keluar rumah pergi ceramah. It’s a routine for us to attend ceramah agama every Sunday. Penceramah best2 sebab mostly yg kene gam dek TV. And of course lah my fave is Ismail Kamus. So kelakar lah he is~!

In the lab, I’m starting to speed up my data takings. I should have done it a long ago tapi dulu malas. Sekarang ni rajin lak. Maybe sebab kakak2 and abg2 senior yg dah grad. Showing off me their convo pics just sparkles my envy. ‘Isshhh.. nak jugak tgkp gmbr konvo~!!’ ‘haa.. kau cepat2 lah habiskan experiment tu.. ni asik memain je’ pergh.. terbakar gak telinga dgr kak zimah ckp tu. Well, that’s where I got the spirit. Will be semngt2~! Gambate ne~! [duh~]

Jangan memperkatakan tentang keburukan org lain sebab diri kita pun ada keburukannya. In this wisdom words, lies the reason my ex left me. I was stunned. We could have just talk about it and settle things out and the relationship could have just been save. [u can tell that I just knew the exact reason now] Its just the misunderstanding [and also kedegilan msg2] and I guess its just too late for anything now plus, I don’t feel like having any other serious relationship with anyone now. Tawar. The worse thing is, I just realize that trusting men is getting way out of my hands now. But the good thing is, I still have some few people around showing me that love is just not that bad after all. Thanks to you~

Last Saturday, kaki Ila @ kak Sya and her family and friends came to my house. Really glad she finally made it to Bangi~! She was there to look for Uniten cause her hubby is going to sit for some exams. Good luck~! And the kids were just so adorable even if they weren’t in mood. I hope kak Ila will come again next time and you don’t have to wait for my nasi minyak to come. That will be in the next 5-6-7 years in time? [hahaha ;p] Do come again lah next time~! Like the johorians said~jangan serik~! And thank you kak ila for dropping by my house. ;) Looking forward for the others to come too. ;)

Since I had the rajin-ness of downloading series [courtesy to ejard~thank you~] I had a series marathon of smallville. Yup.. till the latest episode and now waiting for the next. And like always, I cant stop admiring Tom Welling @ Clark Kent. The role he’s playing inspires me. [and yup.. sebab dia hensem jugak~] and Lana Lang~ is trying hard cheating on herself telling that she can live without Kent when the fact is she couldn’t get him out of her head. I hate the idea that she did not realize she’s been using Lex as an escapisme. Love between Lana-Clark is just so complicated and I do hope one day they’ll get back together. And yeah.. not forgetting to hope that clark could save the world from all those phantoms. Go clark~*

With no exact idea, no altering and no editing,i'm just jotting down some few words for my loyal readers out there. Hope you all will have a wonderful day and enjoy life while you can. Oh yeah.. no pics as well too~ sorry.. hehehe ;)

Till then, take care~