Sunday, July 09, 2006

All in All~*

Soooooo irresistable kid~!! hehehe..

It’s been awhile since my last update. Despite my not-so-good in health lately [still have this payau taste on my tongue] plus my fave team lost in their battle field, I find nothing much interest me. I was called to update after reading few of my blogger friends updated themselves with such interesting topics. But as for me, I have nothing in mind right now. Hmm…

Sibling-ship and father-ship ~ these topics attract me. I learn to value my family more and appreciate them for making me who I am now. They are the ones that actually put the colours in our life and taught us the meaning of life. Sometimes we just tend to ignore them and may sometimes value friendship more than value them. [well, at least that’s what the psychologist say]. Can’t deny the rebellious mood I had lately but in the end, I know it’s for my own good. At least, I learn to be patience and control my emotion. [me got quite low EQ indeed~!]

Nostalgia moments ~ well, having to share people’s nostalgia moments kinda remind me of mine. I mean whether during my schooldays or during my younger years back in UK, these topics manage to pull me back to where I used to be.

Couple ~ hm.. this topic really strikes me. Reading some of the comments, strikes me harder into my heart. It really shows me what a different life I’m going thru compare to them. I do not dare to comment any further as I may end up giving stupid ideas plus I do not want to sound hypocrite in the end. And yeah, ni direct nak ckp, i do huv a couple but i am not in love and i am in love but HE cant afford to be my couple.. Hahaha.. how can that be more confusing? That’s why lar ckp, don’t want to comment lebih2.. habis semua tunggang terbalik lak kang coz I’m also confuse… hahaha…[apa daaa aku merepek ni]

Back to school ~ moments of nightmare is about to begin [at least, it’s a nightmare for me!] It’s time for some of us to get their heads into assignments, back to burning up their midnight oils and cramping their brains into answering that sheet of paper in that big hall. Good Luck guys~!! As for me, I finished my last paper in last semester, ending with warna berterbangan and for these remaining semesters, I will be able to focus on my experiments only. [*sigh*] and yeah.. lots of seminar to attend. [*double-sigh*]

Not forgetting, I manage to feast my eyes with some cute pictures [children’s drawing] and some awesome video clips. I also enjoy pictures in most blogs coz they put a lot of smile on my face. [Damn they are good in taking pictures~!]. Some of the blogs did wrote some funny stories such as sang belut and sebatang pen. Those stories really tickle me. hahahaha...

All in all, most of these blog stories interest me. Also, I just hope Italy will win against France. I’m not a fan to both but I will support the team who can beat the one that knocked Brazil out. In this Cawan Dunia final, I may want to spend my time watching it. All the best to Italy~!