Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just another day~*

Today is 17th July and i'm rite here stuck in my lab again. There will be new students coming over and i heard there will be 8 of them! [pheewww..] 2 of them will be the new PhD students from Iran and the rest will be the undergraduate student. I'm waiting for them rite now as they are having classes till this noon. i dont know if i can manage to monitor them but i hope they won't make any mess in this lab later...
I'm still waiting for my fumeric acid to come, or else, i can't continue my work here. I'm starting to get tired but i know i can't give up. Time is running out and i need to submit my latest abstract for the international conference in KUSTEM this October. Thanks to my prof, he's willing to pay the high fees due to the late submission of my abstract. [please prof, dont tell me i need to do any presentation~!! habis ler~*sigh*] I need to do more measurement and desperate for more data but can't come up with new samples coz i ain't got no fumeric acid~!! [wwaaaarrrggghhh...] So, me got no idea for this abstract~!! *sigh* Actually, i'm kinda in big trouble but what the heck~i'll make it thru~!! [like i never been in worse situation b4... duh~!]
Last week, i went to my friend's wedding,Azean. I was aware that this wedding function is a place for our gatherings. I had my gathering with member2 sekolah rendah. Bangians~! So glad to see Jalia, Fizi and Diana K. We really use to be close friends [Lama beb tak jumpa korg~!] and guess what? Diorg semua dah bertunang~!! [duh~! per nak heran~ bukan dah mmg masanyer ke?] Which leaves me the only single left... i guess.. [ya ka? waaa... fifi & shieda & wana tak bertunang lagi lar weh~!] Looking at my friends happiness shines from within, i kinda feel the same way too. Happiness. Praying a happy ever after to them... Selamat pengantin baru, Azean & Amin~! Also, all the best for this newly weds coz they're migrating to USA and congrats to Amin who just got promoted as a permanent engineer in Philadelphia. [rite?]
All the best to you guys~!

P/S : Atas masalah teknikal yg tidak dapat dielakkan, tiada gambar Azean dan Amin yg dapat dipaparkan.. *sigh*
Wedding Azean [dlm bilik pengantin beliau]-Shieda, Fifi and me~my chilhood friends~*