Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Haip~! Long time no see.... hehehe...

I haven't been updating myself with these blogs lately but that doesn't mean i've forgotten it. My life is really getting a bit busy lately and i just came back from a physic seminar. I was browsing thru some blogs that i've missed during that bored seminar when suddenly, the dear mando dori sms asking me to join their outing tomorrow at Midvalley. I was delighted to join their fun but it only lasted till the end of the seminar when suddenly, the professor announced that seminar need to be continued till tomorrow. I was like HUH...?? alarrrrr.... baru jer berangan2 nak join diorg pergi midvalley esok...! *sigh* Adeh...

Well, nothing much happen lately except that i couldn't find my time yet to call that streamyx guy. Whether he's not around or i'm just too busy to stay around the house for him... [dah lar dia boley datang working hours jer] I do miss my chit chat session during midnight hours but yet, found another things to do that time~watching a korean series titled My Girl~!!

So far, i've watched till 7th episode. This story ends till 18th episode i guess. [tak tengok pulak berapa episode yg ada tapi satu dvd boley muat 6 episode and ada 3 dvd! hehehe] To tell the truth, that DVD was given by my best friend who took the effort to burn the series for me and send it all the way from kedah~!! Love you Zatul Iradah Zaini~!!! she said, the heroin of that story [Yoo Ju Rin] resembles me a lot. [haha atul~! iyo lah tu! mane ade~ ;p]The thicked-skin innocent girl who is determine to get what she wants. She's not a well-planned girl and kinda often forget stuffs. Hiding her sad emotions and sometimes do create scenes at certain place just to get what she wants. She's great at making anyone to believe her lie. She's always get into trouble because of it. Anyone around her will get entertain. I do recommend you all to watch it. Trully its fun! And chep, this is the korean movie that i suggest you to watch~My Girl.

Btw, maybe i'll just join them tomorrow at MidValley. [crossing my fingers that the seminar tomorrow to be cancel] Mando, Awe, Acap, Ijat and their friend, Ida [whom i dont know] will be there and they have less than 2 weeks to be around. That's a strong reason for me to go and see them tomorrow. [jeling2 nad~muehehehe...] Haven't seen them for a year and I hope that i still recognize them. Not forgetting to farah nazneen, may you have a safe flight back to Mesir this 16th Sept and enjoy the 2nd year of a student life. Definitely we will have another session of buli-bulian again next year ok~! hehehehe.. *wink* ps-ooppssss....! hehehe..

I dont intend to make this entry a long one, just enough to let everyone know that i'm still here, rocking style as always~! Can't leave the title of ratu speku! [maka bersedialah mereka2 yg berkenaan! muahaha...] and yeah.. miss you guys!
Take care~!