Sunday, August 13, 2006

Living in a shoe~*

I'm back again in my lab.. a bit bored. I need to submit my abstract by this wednesday but yet, got no idea how to exploit my data. Anyway, its just an abstract. Will make it done by this noon.
This morning, i had a mother-daughter talk as usual before i went to UPM. This time, we talked about IFC. About Lina Joy. My mother really express her concern about the matter. She was so worried [a bit emotional as well] about the fate of Islam in the future. Also, she followed the stories of Hezbollah.. Lebonan.. and the laknatullah Israeliz! We talked about the clip of George Galloway who was so brave enough to express his concern on palestins and how cruel israel is. He was one of the MP [Member of Parliment] that has the balls to really curse all the people who are deaf and blind about the war. He said it all live in their media, Skynet. [i like the part when he said the interviewer was so silly]. He cursed the people who are attacking the innocents under the name of justice.. [What a way to show the heroic act~!] And we also talked about barang-yahudi-yg-kita-boleh-boikot-dan-kita-jangan-pergi-lagi-TESCO! and how my sist got some info about a party of muslim who is going to open a centre like Carrefour, Tesco and Giant. If that's true, at least it's a relief for our family to go to an Islamic Tesco/Carrefour/Giant alike centre~!
My concern here is how our local media has been manipulated. Take Lina Joy case for example. The outside media is taking full advantage on the case report but what is our local media doing? You may find a few of the stories but hey.. we're talking about Islam here. It should be a big issue~!! We are talking about a faith of one person here that may effect the faith of our next generation! The fundamental question in Lina's case is whether Muslims in this country can convert? This concern had been express by a political analyst, Abdul Razak Baginda in the foreign media. And where is our local media? Why is our media keeping quiet about this? Oh yeah.. they're busy on the becoming big wedding~! Duh~*
Nothing much i can say now. It's just that i've been quite disappointed with our local media lately [television especially]. Telecasting unneccesary news lately. Only during news hour, you'll get to know what is happening. [itupun tak byk yg dia tunjuk] Can see how the 'big fish' is controlling our media, blinding our society with endless entertainment without thinking how the world outside really need our urgent attention [also the local needs urgent attention too.. the statistic of spoilt teens are increasing day by day~]. I really admire Dr. Jemilah of MERCY who is doing her charity work sincerely. Why isnt there any live telecasting from Syria-Lebonan there? *sigh*
I remember a friend of mine quoting~ living in Malaysia is like living in a shoe and the outside world is like a shop where the shoe is occupied. Well, I hope one day i can get out of this shoe.. *wink*