Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fuel cell~*

Semlm jumpa adik junior. She's been asking me what am i doing in my research. Its kinda hard to explain for those who arent familiar. Thinking that this is a knowledge, plus, i was inspired by an account guy who happens to have interest in physic and glad to know me as he wants to share my knowledge, I guess it would be my pleasure to share this 'ciput' knowledge of mine. [dont worry mate,will try to make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand]
My search is about a fuel cell. A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device similar to a battery. Differing in that,it is designed for continuous replenishment of the reactants consumed; i.e. it produces electricity from an external supply of fuel and oxygen as opposed to the limited internal energy storage capacity of a battery. Additionally, the electrodes within a battery react and change as a battery is charged, or discharged, whereas a fuel cell's electrodes are catalytic and relatively stable.

Typical reactants used in a fuel cell are hydrogen on the anode side and oxygen on the cathode side (a hydrogen cell). Usually, reactants flow in and reaction products flow out. Virtually continuous long-term operation is feasible as long as these flows are maintained...
To make things easier, here's the diagram of a fuel cell.

Above all part in this fuel cell, my major concerns are the membrane [in the middle]. The membranes are responsible for the flow of ion protons from anode to cathode [which is thru the membrane] so that the electrons will pass via the external circuit, producing current energy. The membranes are also responsible not to let the electrons pass. So, my goal here is to produce a membrane with high conductivity for the protons to pass thru but not the electrons~!

Conclusion here is this alternative energy is safe, clean and most inportantly, it's environmental friendly. [Notice the byproduct on the outlet?] Imagine to have a pure water coming out from your vehicle [yup.. a stack of fuel cell can move a car~!] We can just make our world a better place to live in!