Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Movie reviews~*

This week i went to watch 3 movies. Dont get me wrong, the student card plus the lady's day plus selecting early bird movies gives me a good price for those tickets. [tickets are almost like children price for me~! hehehe xD] Plus, I get to chill out and forget the hectic I’m going thru wif my data. Haha ;p ok.. here are some reviews…

Bridge to Terrabithia ~A fantasy reality~
In this filem, I was hoping for something like chronicles of narnia but it turned me down. It wasn’t like that at all. It was about a boy,Jess from 6 grade (ya ka??) went thru his normal life until he met a new girl in school named Leslie. So this girl became his friend as she showed him how to view life differently and how to have fun. Also she showed him how to deal with his schoolmates [the bully of course] and his teacher. Actually, this film is just ordinary, what makes it extraordinary is just the graphic view of his imaginary kingdom,Terrabithia. “Close your eyes and open your mind” was the famous dialogue that caught my attention and actually reflecting the theme of this story. But overall, I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting something like harry potter or chronicles of narnia thingy. For those peeps who is expecting something like that [their ads was damn good la~], better not watch la~ by the way, Leslie died.
Rate : 3 stars

300 ~An inspiring story~
This is a war story. About a king with a lion’s heart.Taking place in an ancient time like the Kingdom of Heavens and Herculas. It’s about a king named King Leonidas rules his country, Sparta peacefully until a Parsian messenger brought a message from Prince XerXes asking the Spartians to obey him. But being a wise king with dignity, he refuse to obey XerXes and a war started. This number 300 stands for his number of men that fight to defend their country. What amaze me is, only 300 men are against thousands of soldiers lead by Prince XerXes. The war was about strategy,spirit and how the King of Sparta stand till his last breath fighting to free his country, as a free king [reasons for him to disobey the land’s rule]. But what I like most was his strategy and his strong spirit of never surrender. The king and his 300 men inspires the next generation of soldiers to fight against Prince XerXes but they didnt showed the next war as the next soldiers was almost 10,000 men. Overall, this movie was ok eventhough it’s not my type of movie. But graphic? Totally awesome~!
Rate : 3 1/2 stars

Mukhsin ~an ordinary story that is extraordinary~
Ah ha~! This movie is quite interesting. Very simple yet really effects me. There are not much of that background music but it was more to feel the emotions from the actors/actress itself. [what do you expect from Yasmin Hamid’s hands right?] not many dialogues but more to the body language. The movie reminds me of C.I.N.T.A. Almost like it. There are also elements of comedy in this story. Having Ayu, the lil girl as the mulut murai pembawa gossip just like her mother, she really spices up the movie. It’s about a first love story [more like a puppet love] between Orked and Mukhsin during their school holidays. This story took place in a kampong. Even the actors/actress didn’t put on their make up. Naturally kampong. Sometimes, we adults didn’t realize how those ‘first love’ experience really taught us the meaning of life. And that’s what I see in this movie. Kinda a sad ending between them but it did show me how to look forward, not back. And sometimes, the ending of today is just a new beginning of tomorrow. Since it was a malay movie which I don’t usually go for a movie [the only choice I had to pick when I went to watch them with my little sist] but since the message was clear and strong, so I think it was ok and much better than Bridge to Terrabethia.
Rate : 4 stars
P/S : dan untuk Kak Ila~ ini lah gmbr desktop saya.. ;D
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