Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well, this is a test to get to know yourself better. Some psychology test. It's quite well-known but only this time i get to do the test my self and i found out that i'm an ESFP~! [Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving] Some famous people for this ESFP is Steve Irwin and Goldie Hawn. [mmg tak kenal lah yg lain2 tuh..] D. Kiersey and J.Butt, are those who are well known for making up this test. They are one of the top psychologist~*
There could be some other combinations too.. ENFP, INFP, ENF and so on... it might take some time to explain [plus you will have your explaination at the end of this test] but try out this test yourself and you might be shock on who you really are... and there's one rule-use only your first thought for your answer.. no second thoughts allowed~! Only then you will get the honest and true answer to who you really are...

HUMANMETRICS-Jung Typology Test

By the way, did i mention they are 72 questions you need to answer honestly? But it's worth it to take your time in getting to know yourself better~ ;)