Monday, January 14, 2008

Big heart saves lifes~*

Here’s an original story by me, just to send out some message out there…

There was once a base camp where they will recruit new army every year. The new recruit will be trained by the senior officers for 3 years. On one fine day of a new year, hundreds of new recruit registered to the camp. This includes Andy and John. They were best friends and having to serve the country is the only thing that satisfies them.

Andy was quite a big size himself. He may not be bright but he had a big heart. He was always being bullied by others especially the seniors. John was his only friend that came to his rescue every time he gets himself into trouble. Having a pure kind heart, he never bothered what others do to him as long as he enjoys his training. Though he hardly finished every session of it, quitting is not his style.

Every year, these seniors will play the same prank to the new comers. They would actually throw a fake bomb in the middle of the fire, hoping to scare away the new recruits. They would LOL-ing to see the scare faces out of them. One day, when they were all having a lunch in the middle of the jungle, Bobby, the meanest seniors of them all, threw a fake bomb right beside the fire. All the new recruiters ran over to save their lives. This includes Andy and John. Those seniors behind the bushes giggled so hard and actually recorded the hectic scene. Suddenly, John tripped over the root of a tree and had his legs stuck. Andy stopped and tried to help his friend but fail to do so.

Suddenly, Andy ran towards the fire. When he was sure that no one is near it, he actually jumped onto the bomb and covers it with his tummy. He saw those seniors among the bushes and shouted “Run guys… RUN! Save your lives!!!” waving his hands to them. The seniors were shocked. Suddenly there was a total silent in the air except the voice of that pure heart boy shouting for his friends to save their lives, covering the bomb right under his tummy. It was the most touching scene in the prank’s history.

Since that day, no one ever mentioned about the fake bomb and it was the last year of the prank to be played. Bobby became Andy’s best friend and no one ever dared to tease him again….

I guess you guys do get the moral of this story…. ;)

BIG heart saves lifes.... hehe~ ;D