Thursday, January 03, 2008

That Thing You Do~*

I’m crazy about this movie now. I know its kinda long-time-ago movie but it’s my sister never got her chance to watch them. [what the….~?] hahaha. So I joined her watching the movie as I flashed back the glory moments when this movie really hit the cinema. It was in 1994. I was in form 1. Or is it form 2? Haha~ mati lah lupa umur sendiri…

Well, for those yg tak pernah tgk, its about the glamer old group named The Wonders [the original name was The One-ders but they change since it didn’t make the people read it the way they wanted. More to like The O-ne-ders~] and they were hit with only one single and the album was named That Thing You Do. The original song was slow actually until their drummer, Guy Patterson played it in faster beat. The song then went wicked! So there’s the part from the movie that I rated the best. It was the part where they brought the song for audition. You will notice that Jimmy was actually singing it in slow motion [the original beat] but the drummer, Guy went crazy with the song, beating it faster then Jimmy actually followed the beat. They got the crowd dancing like hell. It was then a total hit!. How can people resist such song? Too bad they had to break up just after one single album. Their album was great! I’m looking for the album, any idea where can I get one~?

Frankly, I really don’t know why can't i upload or how to upload any videos here but I can put the link to the best part of that movie. Enjoy!