Monday, January 14, 2008

Civilized mind,will ya?~*

I’m feeling a bit tired today. No stress but the tiredness is extra ordinary. I’m feeling like my fat are being suck up just to make me wide awake right now. Good! At least the bad-bad fat will go-go away. Haha~

Tho I’m a malay driving in Malaysia but on the road, I only love myself and the car. People say if you really wanna be an expert in ‘chiloking’, come and drive on the road of Malaysia. I can name a few hot spots for you. Not only you know how to rempit, but u can also learn how to curse around and get fed-up. Fast and easy plus its free! And when you do, you will get extra curse from me. Damn you!

I really don’t understand, why can’t they just FOLLOW the signboard and signals? Why can’t they just wait a few seconds when the light is red? And why the heck can’t they just queue up in line? Is it hard to have a civilized mind? We are the world-class society for God sake, [yeah.. right~] where’s your brain? And yeah… proud to be the Malaysia Boleh, we’re trully in the top-10 list of the world worst accidents on the road. What a Malaysia Boleh! And a high-class minded we are~~ Shame on you~ you, you and you! Go and take your test again, #@^%$*%! Eeeeeeee… I’m very the geram you know. So my advice here is, collect your brain first before you drive.

Ok dah. Lepas geram sudah....

Aku dah nantok sangat. Hotak aku dah berhenti berfungsi. Dah tune utk tido. Tapi mata aku tune nak habiskan tengok cerita semlm. Citer hape dah tak ingat. Tapi rasa nak tido lah. Aku saje hapdate ni sebab malas nak dgr peeyna bising pagi2 buta esok. Dia kata setiap pagi, dia nak ada menda baru kat blog aku nih. So,nah...

Menda baru.

Stop. Ready. GO to sleep~ vroomzzzZZZ...

Gudnite everybody~