Monday, October 09, 2006

Festive season~*

Well, this is just simple and short. Just a shopping spree I had just now. Not really in mood for a shopping, that’s for sure~! I wandered around Kajang and end up buying myself a pair of baju kurung kedah. I had my eyes laid on certain baju kurung but I only manage to gulp on seeing the price tag. RM500?!!??? Errr… tak per lah kak.. tahun2 depan lah yer… hehehehe..

The thing is I’m no mood for hari raya this year. Can’t figure out why but it shows. I wasn’t going for any raya shoes or raya bag this year. Strange enough cause it doesn't sound like me. hehehehe.. I wandered around for at least 3 times for each floor at Metro Kajang. [Also its just not me sebab tak pergi shopping jauh2 plus i were at midvalley last saturday and end up seeking for books rather than looking for any baju/kasut raya] I just couldn’t figure out which bag or shoes that attracts me most. Or I rather say, I’m not in a mood to get any. It was just a coincidence for me to be there as I just settle my internet bills at kedai telekom [which explains why my streamyx cannot be connected.. hehehe... So, I will be seeing you guys in the next 24 hours live from ma home~! Yeahh… hehehe..]

Looking at my younger sisters last nite, they are just so much in joy waiting for hari raya. Mana taknya, berapa byk pasang baju raya diorg tahun ni~! If only I can enjoy as much as them but I guess, my time has pass. It’s their turn to enjoy the festive season and I would just enjoy the happiness of my family gathering during this raya. Well, of course, every month we use to have this kinda gathering. The difference is during this raya, we’ll be having all the glittering baju raya to show off among us… usually, the little ones and the aunties. Hahaha.. since I’m the type of cousin that is polite and timid [hakhakhak ;p], I am more to just sit down and look around only. *wink* Mostly, playing with the little ones.

This year, as usual, I will be spending my raya in KL. Keramat is our centre of gathering. Rumah maklong dekat AU2 tu je. Every year kat situ. Of course kampung kami kat pasir mas, kelantan tapi semua org dah berhijrah ke KL. My atuk will be coming from kelantan as my nenek is already here. [Haih.. bertuah punyer cucu tak reti balik kampung~!] But frankly, raya at my kampong is more meriah during aidiladha. That’s why, we’re not that bother to balik kampong during aidilfitri.

Lastly, i would like to wish my very dear friend of mine, Hazlyn-a very2 happy birthday~!!!!! Happy 24th Birthday~!!!! She's celebrating her 24th birthday today -9th oct 2006-[saje send message 70th sebab tak tahu umur sebenar~! Hehehehe] May all your wish come true and hoping u gain much better in life.

Selamat berpuasa to all~*