Friday, June 01, 2007

Lanun-lanun Karibean~*

Choooppp~!!! Konon nak hibernate tapi godaan lanun2 ni tak boleh nak tolak~ Rasa terancam.. muahahaha~
Dah tgk sejak mula-mula keluar. Part 1, 2 & 3. Love it~! Watak nakal Jack Sparrow and watak innocent brave young William Turner. I like Jack but I love William boleh~? hehehe ;p So, berbaloi lah 3 jam dlm panggung tuh...

Basicly i like the ending but tak puas hati Will ganti Davy Jones, spending 10 years at sea and having only 1 day at shore with his love. Ish... Jauh tu. But thats what you call true love la kan...

Good thing Elizabeth had his heart.... jeles boleh~?

He's trying to think like Jack Sparrow... which is think smart~!

Will's more sincere and pure at heart. But having to think smart like Jack, he's far much better~!

Yup... He's always trying to be extra careful with Jack... You'll never know what Jack's have in mind... Cute eh~? hehehe~ ;p

Somehow, he has faith in Jack too. (plus.. having his own mission to accomplish, he still needs Jack~)

In the end, he's my fave character among all pirates. Sure the hottest pirate on earth~! Pure heart with nasty looks (and smart)~definitely my type. hehe~ =D
So, who's that my william turner~? Ah haa~~ found one~! muahahahaha~ ;p (no kaloi.. its not you.... dah nak kawen tu, siler prepare2 lah ok~ ;p )
p/s- and that also includes micheal scofield~ can't deny him too~ hehehehe~
ok ok ok... back to hibernation~