Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Semalam pergi jalan2 ikut my sister beli baju raya. Walupun dah beli sepasang tapi for the sake of nak temankan adik beli baju, i followed her and we decided to take komuter instead. You see, cuti Nuzul Quran is for Selangor but not Wilayah. So, org KL kerja, org Selangor cuti. Dah tentu sesak jam KL sebab org Selangor turun membeli-belah. Org Malaysia. Hehehe..

I followed her to jln TAR. Damn sesak~! Menyampah pun ada tengah2 puasa nih dok berebut beli kain baju. Tambah pulak I’m not so much in a mood. But upon seeing my adik punyer mata berseri2 tgk kain baju kiri kanan [she’s a shopoholic-that’s why she needs me], tak pikir penat sangat. Macam biasa, we wanted to go to Kamdar tapi jeling2 kedai kiri kanan sebelum sampai ke destinasi. Till we stopped at a butik named First Lady.

In this butik, banyak nyer baju lawa2. Jangan kan mata adik ku, mata aku pun sekali naik rambang. She picked a kebaya-stail-saloma. It was black but printed with gold manics and labuci. The kain has a silver-gold lace. We were stunned to see the price are not so bad. Affordable la. Then, I ACCIDENTLY took one piece just like my sister punyer tapi mine not the saloma type-just the original long kebaya piece with gold lace and different pattern. Still, the hitam itu menawan. Then when I tried the kebaya, it accidently fit me perfectly. “ish.. ni mcm nak suruh aku beli jer nih”. Nak ending kan cerita, I accidently paid for that piece of kebaya. [Yup.. accidents happen when you don’t actually plan to do stuffs but it happens.. hahaha ;p ]

Still, I don’t wanna get anything for my shoes and bag [yup.. another plan~!]. No more accidents. Cukup lah pakai beg and kasut dinner tuh. And cukup 2 pasang baju-merah and hitam. My sister said, I should be a bit zuhud. [dduuuhhhh.. look who’s talking~!!] but because of my not-so-mood in raya this year, I don’t intend to get any. Cukup lah dgn apa yg ada. [please jgn ada sesapa ajak aku pergi shopping lagi! ;p]

Well, today is zaki’s birthday and I wish you a very Happy Birthday. To Muhammad Zaki-Happy 21st celebration of your year in life. Still you got a lot to catch up and hope to become a better man yourself. I don’t actually know you yet, so, there’s nothing much I can tell about this guy. As far as I’m concern, he’s very good in heart and very responsible for himself and everybody around him. Glad to get to know you as a friend. ;)

As for Ejard, I’m sorry for not preparing any special entry for your birthday yesterday but I do hope the special entries by people around you are enough to show that everybody cares. Happy 19th Birthday and I pray that one very big wish of yours will come very true one day. It may not be easy but it is not impossible. I’m having my fingers crossing for you and wish that you have another great year of life. To Syed Ahmad Izzat-Happy belated birthday!

Also, not forgetting Hazlinda-Happy Belated Birthday to you as well.

So, here's a birthday song for you all;


May you all gain the very best in life…