Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Father's Day~*

This month is a month of Father's Day. So just maybe i wud like to dedicate one special entry for him so that the world knew that i always have him in mind....

My dad works in Tganu. KUSTEM. Mengajar sikit2. Meetings. Travel sana sini. Attending seminar and competitions for his inventions and reseach. The last time, his project on Ikan Keli dibuat ala2 mcm sardin rich in Omega 3 won gold medal in Science & Technology Exhibition last month in KLCC. Congrats~! Now you see why i always look up high on you making you as one of my inspiration.

People say, he's a quiet man but my frenz said he's 'mesra alam'. [He met my frenz the time he visited me when he was appointed as one of the guest for konvo in UTM] Maybe he's the kind that can get along well with students. I never actually knew anyone of his students. Sebab jauh kot. Kat Terengganu.

He's a hardworking man. I can tell you he is a workaholic. And his success was because of his high determination, hardworking & commitment towards his work.[if this is in your gen, why isnt it working on me~?] Its not a wonder when he has been a dean for over 6 years in the faculty of Agrotechnology[does people know how to give you any pencen?]. He has a new hobby now... scuba-diving~! [I'm totally jeles with your new hobby ni you know?] but mainly because he has to handle a big project in Pulau Bidong, so he has no choice but to scuba-dive in order to understand the nature and everything that is very much related to his project. I promise one day i'm gonna scuba-dive there!

He likes to travel. He's used to drive from north to south. I remember when he came to Teluk Intan to pick me up and balik kampung ikut jalan Jeli. Quite far but i enjoyed the journey becoz it was just the 2 of us. And i kept on rewinding the album of MLTR[Micheal Learns to Rock] over and over again. We didnt converse much but that was one of the best journey i had with my him. Some people say silence can be the best conversation and i guess that's what i had with my dad. At the peak point of Jeli [near the border of Thailand-Malaysia], we stopped. I remember it was cold becoz it was in the peak of the mountain. Seeing me cold, he just explain, that we are at the peak in tanjung titiwangsa a.k.a the tulang belakang semenanjung Malaysia that cross till negeri Pahang. [is it? i forgot la...] Remembering the Geography lessons that time, i just nodded and smile. He gave me his coat and ask me to join his journey thru the woods on the peak.

It wasn't far till we stopped at one point, i watched as he plucked one of the grass there. It was obvoiusly too hard to find,seems like looking for a needle among the grass. But he pulled it out and ask me to smell its root. It smells like minyak angin cap kapak. He explained that this grass is very special because it is only found in tropical country like malaysia and that peak has the best of its kind. It can be made as a medicine by boiling its roots in a hot water and the water can be made to heal wounds or bruises. I was amazed. Just by plucking those grass, he simply explained everything. That time, i totally wonder how the heck he could find the exact grass and knew everything about it? And trust me dad, that was the time when u really inspire me of what i wanna become now.

So i would like to wish you a Happy Father's Day and thanks for all those lessons that a father could ever give to his daughter. Deep down, you'll always be my inspiration. I know i never actually express this but i would like to say that....

PS-The Aussies said he looks like Dr. Mahathir. Siap tgkp2 gmbr sebab ingtkan prime minister Malaysia walupun dah berkali2 ckp he's not and i was like hello? What does a PM do in the middle of Melbourne with no bodyguards around? Duhh~~