Friday, July 20, 2007


A beautiful name for a beautiful young girl. I met her at the swimming pool. A good swimmer that I can bet! Damn she’s good….. I bet the dolphins can’t even beat her. I tell you,she’s fast! Amazingly, she’s only 10 years old….

She’s an Iranian, her mother is doing her phD [I think] in UPM. So every Tuesdays and Fridays,since the pools are meant for female only, I always notice her. All these while, I only observe her, seeing her legs and arms swaying swiftly yet fast in the pool. Untill one day, she had her eyes on me [maybe dia perasan kot aku tgk2 dia~?] Then she lend me her smile. I smiled back and came near her.

She speaks English but not much. Good thing she understands that I praise her for her swimming technic. Damn good! I tried hard chatting with her, using quite limited vocabulary. She always had to swim to her mother just to ask those Persian meanings in English. And she would swim back to me nodding just to let me know that she understands me now. Sweet~

For few weeks, its been a routine for me just to have a swim with her. Holding hands and swim at the deepest area of the pool. Frankly with her, I feel free. We even dived into the deepest part of the pool just to see who can swim faster reaching at the bottom. [and I never won~ *sigh*] And everytime we reach the surface, she makes me feel free. Having to swim freely and having to ‘speak’ with her under the water makes me feel at ease. And everytime we giggle under the water, its like she’s telling me there’s nothing to worry about. I’m beginning to feel care for this girl.

As time pass by, I realize she taught me a lot about swimming technic. How I really adore her swimming style! In return, I teach her English. And that’s what I do, struggling hard to communicate with her. I also met her new friend named Anita. Also an Iranian but with better English. Anita is only 8 years old but still needs a bit polishing on her english communication skills. And thru Anita’s mother, I just knew that Rumeena is actually a swimmer representing Iran~! She's a famous person in her country. Plus, a medal holder. Woww! I was amazed. Feel honoured too maybe. But more than that, I was just lucky to meet and know her.

I dedicate this entry to her, hoping she will read this entry one day. I really thank her for those beautiful silent moments especially under the water. Eventho we don’t actually understand each other, yet, she showed me that bond can still be attached and close enough to feel the care from a person’s presence. Even in silence. I hope she will do well in her life and be a fine good athlete swimmer one day.

Rumeena, I see you on Tuesday, ok? [and see means meet~] Khabarokhafiz~!