Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Believe in ourselves~*

It's bright sunny day today and yet, i'm staying at home. Patutnye kuar dating dgn neen hari ni but cancelled the very last minit atas sebab2 yg tak dapat dielakkan. [sorry neng~] Will resechedule our next date, next week maybe kay?

Semester baru bermula. Doesn't make any difference to me. Cuti tak cuti, i still come to the lab. Checking journals, finishing my writings. Iskandar asked if i could be a demonstrater. Yeah~ back to teaching and having fun with experiments! Can't wait to blew up those labs~ ;p

Life is full of surprises. You'll never know what you get until you get one. By that time, no turning back. Like it or not, you have to go with it. Some might regret things they did in the past, little they know that there's nothing much can be done to fix things back there. All they have to do is to let go the past and look forward for the future. And yeah.. i'm looking straight up to da future

Talking about it, not many realize its not an easy thing to do. Trying to mend things in the past, hoping to get a better future. Regret is one way to 'mend' the past, but actually, it doesnt get you anywhere. Stop whining about the past and look straight up. Not easy. But can be done. And only time can help. So take your time.

Where will i be 10 years in time? 5 years in time? i'm not sure myself but i can plan. Set myself to be in the chair of CEO. [ewah~] or at least, set myself to sit in a mercedes benz~! [pergh...] hehehe. Tak salah nak berangan sebab dari situ lah bermulanye impian dan setiap impian boleh menjadi kenyataan, ONLY if we believe in ourselve.

But some things are just hard to mend...