Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheer up okay~*

I hate this. I know I’m getting sick but my body refuse to get sick. I can feel that the flu is coming yet i can still come to my ‘beloved’ lab. My nose are running but not so wildly. I don’t feel dizzy but I can just sneeze 4-5 times in one row. That’s the tiring part. Once I sneeze, I just cant make it stop. I hardly breath cause how can you breath while you sneeze? Plus, it’s a non-stop action. I can get up to 9 times in a row. And that’s my record. Damn I hate that. Good thing I don’t sneeze occasionally. So I’m actually stuck in between being healthy and getting sick. Can any doc help me out here? Yeah.. I mean in this cyber world~ you know how fobia I am with you guys~ any medicine for that too? ;p

No worries. I can still write tho.

Have you ever feel nothing when you are around someone you love? [family excluded] be careful. That’s a sign. But the hardest part is when you tried so hard to maintain it but your heart still doesn’t feel a thing. I tell you, stop torturing your partner. Let them know how you feel though its gonna hurt them. Its better to hurt them now rather than hurting both of you later. It’s just not fair for her to stay with you and you fake your love. Sounds cruel but take your time. Take your time to find the strength to let your partner know how you really feel. Let them go. Let them move on. Guilty? It will fade away in time but never let that guilt take over you. Most importantly, don’t ever think that you will get what you have done to them. Mistakes exist for you human to take lessons from it. Remember, fate is playing its role. And that is life.

For those who feel betrayed, think about the good part. Its better to be free rather than living in fake love. Trust me, one day you may thank him for breaking up with you cause you will realize that you deserve someone better. ;) All the memories you had with him, keep it. It might be useful one day. But if you plan to throw away all the stuffs that reminded you of him, you can do so. But mistakes you made, learn from it. You’ll be wiser in your next relationship. ;)

Feeling devastated after break-up? Cry. As much as you want. You can soak those pillows with your tears if you want to. [then don’t forget to wash the pillows ok] make sure you really put all those sadness and sorrows soaking into your pillows too [it will come back eventually but you can repeat the whole steps again~] then go do things that'll cheer you up. Never be alone in this situation. Grab your friends. This is the part where a friend in need is a friend indeed. Don’t let the pain take over you. He is just a guy that doesn’t deserve you and its not the end of the world yet. Many more to explore out there! Don’t let yourself lying there mourning over one person that doesn’t want to be with you. Don’t waste your time on him. He doesn’t deserve it anymore. He can just go to hell and you don’t loose a thing! You can still go scuba-diving, jungle-tracking, and best part is window shopping! Plus with more friends! Yuuhuuu~~ this is much more excited than having all those fun with just one person
, aite?

And while you’re at it, hey.. whose that hot guy staring at you over there? I think he wants to talk to you… *wink*

PS:- And guys.. this tips is vice versa... ;)