Tuesday, November 11, 2008

La la la kerja~*

Pressure kerja. Dah. Aku nak menulis pulak. Lantak boss nak cakap apa.

Kerja ni ada macam2 situation. Ada situation happy, ada situation tak happy. Ada yang serius kerja. Ada yang tak serius kerja tapi hasilnya ada. Terpulang pada orang yang kerja. But for me, I prefer to work in a relax environment where I know my work will produce a quality output.

Some people are just too professional in work. Yeah.. yeah.. Its all about the company’s vision and target. It’s all about the best that you should give for the company. But I tell you lah, if you perah your staff to do work in a pressure way, otomatikly your staff will loose interest in their job. Bos mainkan peranan dalam bab2 menjaga kebajikan pekerja (which includes emotion ok-need some understanding and trust). Sometimes, you have to put a little bit of emotions in the professional work. And never ever compare your staffs with others because different people, different capability. You should detect and identify your staff’s ability in order to bring them up to the best they can give. Its all about human nature. Biler staff kerja dengan happy, output pun cantik, and directly company pun happy. Senang. Ape lah yang susah sangat nak paham. And all it needs is a little of understanding and flexibility. Putting too much expectation on work will cause pressure on yourselve. (read : not happy-not productive-outcome tak best) But not putting much expectation on work will not put you on pressure (read : happy-productive-outcome otomatik jadi best)

But some human (mostly yang hardcore workaholic) will definitely go for professional etique. Yer lah. Mmg patut macam tu kan. Tapi ada sesetengah may not work out under these so-called unwritten protocols. What do you expect, some people are born to be a rule breaker and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. (yer lah.. langgar undang-undang, sounds bad) sometimes you have to step above the limits just to achieve the best you can be. Some people look at things differently and that is how I see things. Some people are care-free type of person. Breaking law and rules are things that I can do easily (tapi tgk jugak apa rules dia, as long as tak langgar undang2 Islam dah gariskan, ok lah tu) it might give bad impression but as long as you know what you're doing and its for the better sake of you (and sometimes for others too), just do it. Yup, fighting over your own boss is so not a good thing but if you know what your fighting for and what you fight for will do you better, then don’t hold back. Fight for your right. Be firm. Don’t be afraid if he ‘ugut’ to fire you because you know, rezeki kat dunia ni bersepah. It’s not the end of the world yet and ALLAH will always be with you through ups & downs.

Well, am not expecting all of you to agree with me anyway.

PS-Did you guys know that Bill Gates ada buat mansion besar ala2 rumah sebagai pejabat for his staff? Tak silapnya, mansion tu ada 20 bilik, pejabat berkonsepkan ruang tamu and mmg homely, siap ada swimming pool. Somewhat they call like homely office. Set-up office ala2 kat rumah. It’s the purpose to make their workers to feel like home and psikologinya, they will work in a happy mood. Can break anytime, can relax anytime, working time are flexible and amazingly, the workers there are said to be more productive than other workers that is working in the office. Gosh… Never thought of it. So-call professional & working etique! Haha.