Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When thing goes wrong~*

Sometimes when we are facing the most difficult moments in our life, we can’t expect people to always be there for us. We have to stand up. Face it. Beat it. If we can’t beat it, get along with it. Then we’ll might pave way to get rid of it..

Gosh.. I never thought it would be this hard when I jump into my working life. I thought I’d enjoy my job. But it wasn’t as I expected. Everything is starting to fall apart. Is it because of my boss? Naaa.. don’t want to blame him. He’s just trying to be professional in his own way. My teammates? They far from good. They’re the best! Supportive. Caring. Name whatever there is in a friendship, its there with them.

So what is wrong actually? My work? Don’t tell me now I realize that I’m not into physics. Its been in my blood for years now. I’m not trying to be emotional (yeah right~!) but I’m trying to state out why I’m stuck in the office feeling unhappy with what I do. The boss is a little way too strict. My teammates are very nice. My project is creating headaches like hell not that bad. A little about quantum physics, semiconductor laser, fabrication, material science, transciever and some simple2 stuffs that most people can handle. So what’s wrong actually?

Maybe this is the state where most people experience something like “stuck-demotivatedly-unhappily” where they have this kind of feeling like malasnya-nak-bangun-pergi-kerja. Gosh.. what should I do?

Aduhai.. malasnyeeeeehhhh~~~