Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss you~*

Hai guys..

so basicly dah sampai Louisiana dah.. dah seminggu dah kat USA ni.. sampai louisiana ni sabtu lepas and sini dah hari kedua aku buat kerja buruh kat sini. seminggu awal tuh kat houston. gosh... bykkkkk sgt menda yang jadi tapi tak larat nak cerita semua sebab penat giler... guys kat sini kerja 7 hari seminggu.. good thing i'm gonna have it just for 3 weeks je. imagine they had it going for almost 3 months now... so i'm not complaining for working 7 days a week or having my toilets just around the corner in the bush or that i just got lost in the forest and i feel so blessed just to see a cable laying down in the swamp? or that i caught into those nasty muds in the swamp that i had to do some clay facial scrub? hah! gotcha! only kidding about the facial stuff but ain't kidding on the lost-in-the-forest stuff. yup. sucks. i took pics during those lost moments and got panicked second. those guys walk really fast in those woods and then suddenly, they fade away in the woods of swamps. so i just walk following my guts and finally saw those cables the guys put onto the ground, feel like kissing those cables. and nope. no snakes nor alligator i found. maybe tomorrow... i'm going shooting for tomorrow. playing with dynamites and stuffs. yeay.

these first 2 days in luoisiana wasn't that nice except that i met with bunch of cool guys. they dont get much of females around so they were totally nice to us, not letting us doing those dirty jobs too much. so we just sat in the battery check room and play around with the maps and data, same stuff like we had back in the office. i was hoping for some more adventure on the fields so they promise to have us there tomorrow. can't wait. yeah.. am playin dynamites tomorrow in swamps. yahoo dot com~! but that one thing that i was afraid of, its damn damn cold down here. i dont know how much but i had some asap coming out from my mouth. gosh.. thats like living in a fridge. except much colder. and if i ever come back to malaysia, i wont be complaining about how hot it is. am beginning to miss those hot burning sun on my skin.

ok lah... seriusly penat giler. i'm beginning to eat in quite a small quantity now. its like having my leftover dinner for lunch in the next day. and more leftover, i had it for dinner too. these people over here eat in a large portion. and i mean really huge portion. but its kinda ok with me cause it saves my money despite its kinda cheaper here. people around here are friendly and more polite in the roads compare those in malaysia. (yeah.. having to be one of the worst traffic accidents in the world, shame on you malaysia) but not everything here are nice when you kinda have those creepy and apa-kau-pakai-kat-kepala kinda look to me. they even had me screened in a special aisle and had my palm checked to see whether i have some sort of explosive i bring on over back in the airport in Los Angelas. its ridiculoius but thats what i call discrimination. just because i wear a scarf doesnt make me a bad person. gosh... i'm gettin use to it now and i dont get that much of stare now. takpe2. esok i pakai purdah, they will give the stare like i'm a terrorist. oh thats gonna feel good, maybe they'll just send me back home then. haha. kidding. sorry dah lewat mlm ni, karut ntah apa2 ntah.

ok lah, i better publish this entry before i fall asleep with my laptop on top of my lap like last nite. its really tiring and i had to get up early tomorrow morning for a safety briefing. just like the usual days for these guys. and did i told you that they had to be there exactly at 6.00am? and thats everyday, 7 days a week. yup. not good. and lucky me, its just for 3 weeks only.

my pillow's calling. goodnite everybody. Goodnite Malaysia.. Miss you.. a lot.