Monday, December 22, 2008

New stage~*

lama tak blogging.
getting hectic lately.
oh minyak turun? alhamdulillah...
i heard about the debate between husam and khairy.
teruk gak khairy kena hentam.
but not sure about the details.
nak citer panjang pun aku dah lama tak ikut pasal politik nih.
bukan ape,
cause i'm going to shift job.
start fresh at a new place.
new environment.
alhamdulillah, rezeki ALLAH nak bagi.
and i may not be around.
i heard they want to send me over the sea.
here there everywhere. Around the world.
well, i just have to go with the flow lah.
so you see, i'm hectic to start a new stage in my life.
leaving almost everything behind.
and start to look forward for success.

but no matter where i go or where i am,
you all will always remain in heart,
as i say thank you for being the loyalest reader of my blog.
hope to get your prayers for my future undertakings.
See you all.

PS-No, i'm not quitting blogging.