Monday, April 13, 2009

Just came back~*

hello again.
hari ni hari isnin and i just got back from california yesterday.
it was total fun and awesomely excited.
i went there with Suyin & jocelyn and we slept over at suyin's sister place at santa monica.

we went to universal studio, disneyland, beverly hills, santa monica, hollywood walk of fame, venice beach & malibu. 3 days trying to cover everything up but definitely it was not enough.
i had tonnes of pictures to share but i'm still in processing of editing those pictures.
so many to put and need sorting.
i will put more pictures in my facebook later, when i'm done with my beauty sleep.

right now, i desperately need more rest and a good sleep. *yawn*

ps- i'm in my lecture class now. having 15 minutes break. counting minutes waiting for the class session to end. can't wait to get back home and have some more sleep! *yawn*