Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wish to come back~*

Its my last day today yet I feel so lazy to pack. (yeah right… tipu betol. already packed almost half of my luggage) Hari tu dtg Texas with 2 luggage and now going back with 3 luggage. Of course lah kan…

What do I feel now? Hmmm.. mixed! Excited yet sedeyyy..

Happy nak balik sebab dah lama weh tak makan daging ayam halal. Sini ada memang lah ada tapi masakan tak sama mcm Mesia. Makan Pakistan and Arab punyer dishes, muak gak. Nak masak sendiri everyday, tak berapa rajin. (though I do cook every 2-3 days. Sekali masak ,tahan 2 hari punyer meal) Owh yeah.. miss my family oso. Going back to my annoying bro & sist and loving parents.

Yet, sedih cause leaving this place. Living here for more than 3 months makes me attach to my surrounding. Surrounding means my friends, the culture here and mostly my apartment! Apartment ni sangat best. Rasa nak bungkus masuk luggage bawak balik rumah. Mana tak bestnye, semua ada. Vakum, dryer, towels, periuk mangkuk, selipar pun dia kasik. Dah la besar, terlebih2 lengkap. Sebelum datang sini, browse this apartment and selalunye iklan punyer lebih indah khabar dari rupa kan. Tapi apartment ni memang lebih indah rupa dari khabar. Seorang sebijik lak tu dia kasi. Individual. Tak ke indah? heh.

Every morning, first thing I did was switching on my TV and watch Charmed. Yes, I’m a big fan of it. Like the way those girls take things easily especially deminish the demons. Most demons are guys. Haha. As I bersiap2, sambil kejap2 tengok TV, I prepare my breakfast. Then checking my laptop to see who have been saying hai when I was asleep. Kemas2 my bag for class and heating up my lunch that I prepare the night before.

Drive to class (merasa bawak kereta left hand drive) and start the whole day doing processing and running jobs. Messing around with the codes, trying to figure out all those mistakes made and learn from it. Get pretty excited when the job is in normal completion (which is always in error of execution, pre-analysis or analysis) sampai petang. Then balik apartment, tengok pulak NCIS every day at 6.00-8.00 back to back series sambil prepare dinner. Tapi every petang is different where almost most Mondays will do groceries in Walmart. (Giant versi America)

Malam2 will be online, doing homework and stuffs. Different week, different pressure, different stress. But the fun part is, do exciting activities on weekends! Well, the list would be long, so let’s just say, I had so much great fun! Went to places I never imagine before. I wish I have more time here to spend and screw myself more with fun & excitement. Just like the guy in Disneyland said, “if you’re not having fun in Disneyland, It’s your fault..” So true right. Heh.

So now I’m leaving, not sure when to come back. Just now, Lukasz and Omon came by to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. Not sure when I’m going to meet them again but Lukasz have plans to come to Malaysia. I hope I will have plans to visit them. I may want to go to Hanoi to visit Melanie one day, whenever she is there and probably Singapore to visit Wenting. I want to visit Magda in Polland but maybe in another few years cause she is in UK now. Nak gi Paris gak jumpa Hannah & Cecile (and yeah.. wont forget to visit you lah Hanot~). Nak jumpa semua2 lah. Aaaaa… banyaknye plan travelling. Semuanya nak jumpa member balik. Apesal lah jauh bebenor tempat2 diorg duduk nih. Adeh.

Called my sister just now. Kecoh lah pulak pasal swine flu. Sampai epot nanti nak kena beli mask. Its where the disease travel too. By people from here and there. I’m not gonna say anything on this sebab menda tak jadi kat diri sendiri lagi kan. Kang kalau cakap lebih2 bunyi berlagak pulak. Dan selalunye org berlagak ni cepat dapat balasan kan. Heh.

Ok lah. Nak sambung packing barang. Alvin ajak shopping tadi tapi malas nak bazir duit lagi. Nak dekat kering dah ni. Huhu. Then nak masak lunch plus bekalan atas kapal nanti. Last time on my 23 hours flight, I had burger McD that I bought from KLIA. Tu je lah daging halal yang berani makan. Lain tu tak shedap. Owh.. Baju dalam mesin baru habis settle. Ish.. will definitely miss this apartment! Serve me so well…

Well Houston, there’s no goodbye between us. Who knows I might be coming back.
Take care. =)