Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just came in for work today. I remembered my friend that doesn’t have a blog mentioned how lucky I am to have a blog. Cause I can cherished sweet & sour memories in this blog and the fact that maybe one day my children can open up this blog (as long as this blog is alive) they can read through what I have faced during my journey in life. Well, that’s an interesting idea. Never thought about it.

Well, last week I broke my record. It’s not like I never been sick before, it’s just that I never been to the extent that I had to take a medical leave. Fever was quite unfamiliar with me and flu was way out of question. I mean, I hardly encounter them. Alhamdulillah. I’m grateful. But last week, I had to take my medical leave and FORCE myself to see a doctor. Yeah… I HATE to see doctors. No matter how good looking they are (except when they are outside their workstation and not in their doctor’s uniform!)Sorry no offense to the doctors out there, you are doing a terrific job but I may be a troublesome patient that you may not want to see. Trust me.

Ok back to my story. The reason I forced myself to see a doctor is when I had a bad sore throat and coughing like mad. It started last week on Tuesday. Then it got worse on Wednesday. I did everything I can to stop my cough and I had no flu, fever nor any running nose. It’s just a pure dry coughing. People close to me knew well that I’m quite picky with my food intake and lots of plain water every day. Fruits & vegetables are a must in my menu. And the only reason I took care of what I eat is just because I wanted to avoid seeing a doctor. Any names for phobia-seeing-a-doctor disease? Haha.

So after ‘successfully’ seeing a doctor last Thursday, I had to battle with the medicine intake. Uurgh. Hate it so much. Why can’t we just have candybar-taste of medicine? Yet, i took the medicine after meal, 3 times daily. The doctor said I have some blockage in my nose. Though I don’t have any running nose or fever. (And it explains that I’m free from H1N1 ok!) But that night, it got worse.

The medicine didn’t help. People ask me why didn’t I take any MC. Since I’m so green in taking any medical leave, I didn’t know that I had to ask the MC from the doctor. I thought that doctors just give those MC as much as they think is appropriate for the patient’s need to heal. It got worse that night. I experience a very sharp pain in my left ear. Can’t sleep. Feels like half of my head are about to explode, starting from my left ear. I cannot bare the pain, so I had to see the doctor for the second time. The doc told me there’s an infection in my left ear. He made it sound like nothing serious. So again, I took another bunch of medication and head back home when I had my very first MC. Broke my record.

During weekends, I had some rest. But I still went to a long-distance relative’s wedding & dinner. Had some pretty bad cough and it got worse on weekend. The medicine made me feel drowsy. It only offers temporarily relief. The drying cough made me have this burning chest everytime I want to force my voice out. Yeah. I lost my voice. And imagine me not talking. It was like a pain in the Ey triple Es. No fever. No flu. No running nose. No headache. Just coughing like hell with burning chest and abnormal pressure in the ears. I was like half deaf every time I had to take the lift up to level 56 to my office. It took quite a long time to get my ear’s pressure back to normal.

So for the third time, I went back to see the doctor again. *sigh* I requested to have a thorough checkup. I had to undergo a blood test & X-Ray due to no improvement in health after taking several medicines since last week. And again, I got another 2 days for my medical leave. Sounds good. But the not-so-good part is I had to lend my arms for the nurse to take my blood. Gosh. It may sound nothing to you guys but it was a huge deal for me. I didn’t cry of course *uhuk* but I hated it so much. It’s not that I’m afraid of blood *uhuk* but the needles… gosh they are soooooo scary. They do mean stuffs to your skin. Hate it.

I don’t think it’s anything serious but knowing the fact that how sensitive people are nowadays, especially with people that have this coughing disease, I had to take some precautious actions. Haven’t got the test result yet but I do pray that I’m in good shape. I remembered last time when I had some minor cough just to clear my throat, all those people in the LRT train stared at me. It was creepy having those look from strangers. So prevention is better than cure.

But having an anti-doctor-phobia seeing a doctor 3 times in a row? Haha. Serves me right!