Friday, November 30, 2007

He has better plans for us~*

I have nothing to write, yet I still wanna write something down here. Coz it feels like I haven’t done it for quite some time. Leaving this blog, some say, like sawang labah2 dah buat sarang in here. Tho, I just updated petang tadi but still, am not puas. But having nothing in mind right now, well, I don’t know. Like I said, its random. So I might be talking rubbish… Or maybe something useful for my readers.

Well, hmmm….

Age. Maritul status. 2 stuffs that is very well connected [depends on the individual-some just don’t care how old they are when it comes about marriage] let me tell you how I have been handling these issues.

Let me start with my circles of friends. I have few network of friends which is very much in different levels. My bangians peep. Primary schoolmates. Secondary schoolmates. Then my UTM friends. Sambestarian colleague and students. Geng2 UPM. And not forgetting my cyber friends. These are the majority group that forms my circles of friends. Not to mention those minority circles of friends who are not less important to me too. I’m so blessed having such wonderful people around me that somehow make me who I am now. Thank you Lord.

Among these circles, I am very much likely involved with 2 different circles that has different level of social. What I mean here is, I always find the point of view with these 2 circles is very much different. One of the opinion that really stands out is about being single or married.

Everytime I meet my old secondary schoolmate, usually in a wedding occasion they will go like “Kau asyik dating kenduri orang je, kenduri kau bila lagi?”… “kau jangan lambat2 sangat, rugi. Kawen ni best. Bahagia…”… “ Kau nih asyik dating sorang je, tak jambu ke mata tengok orang lain dah berdua? Cepat2 la... buat apa tunggu lama2..”

So, ok. It’s not that I’m annoyed. I don’t even care. Even if I’m in their position, I might say the same thing too to a person like me. In fact, I don’t even mind if you guys wanna say it a hundreds time as long as you don’t get serik for repeating the same thing everytime you meet me coz i might still be single everytime you meet me again. Seriously, no hard feelings.

On the other hand….

Everytime I joined my bangian peeps for any of our friends wedding reception, I will get difference respond. No one will ever tell me kau-bila-lagi-? kind of stuff. Some of them are even coupled for almost 6-7 years with no strings attached yet and has no plan to do so in this nearby time. In fact, I did attend a wedding of my friend that feels a little reluctant for having her marriage too early, giving us some envy glance for still being happily single. “Tak ready lah nak kawen sebenarnye.. rasa mcm awal sangat..” [did I mentioned that she is the same age with me?] Thanks to them, I don’t feel much guilty for not getting married yet. Lol~

As for me, you really have to be prepared before you start up a family. You may not know how your spouse is but at least, you prepare yourself. Like my maklong said, marriage is like gambling. You may win or you may lose. It doesn’t matter. What matter is how you prepare yourself for it. How can you handle your win and lose in the game. Marriage can be a sweet thing but it can also be deadly as a poison. Depends. Some maybe ready for the game and married early. But some are just not ready. And some may just haven’t find the right mate yet for the game. And not forgetting, some might just lose...

I don’t know what my situation is. Haven’t met the mr. right yet? Too picky? Being ‘too high’ to reach? That’s just a lame reason. And it’s not my reason. It’s the cliché reasons that people make up for me. Though I denied but most people just wouldn’t believe me. So I was like malas-dah-nak-cakap-apa2-sukati-korang-lah kinda mode. And the same respond i will give is ”ada jodoh nanti, aku kawen lah dan kau WAJIB datang” stressing out the ‘WAJIB’ word. Yeah… I would love them to come! Aku dah penat2 ronda pusing satu Malaysia datang kenduri korang, korang pulak tak nak datang kenduri aku? Memang saje carik pasal lah… hahaha.. Just kidding~! [but you can still hear a little sense of seriousness there right…? ;p ]

I always dream of having a big occasion. I mean really big. My intention in this wedding is to celebrate my big happy day with all my friends. Unlike certain people that prefer close receptions with limited invitations, I love to have the occasion in a big hall plus lots of parking space for my guest. Trust me, I don’t intend to have any pelamin or whatsoever, just a simple meja makan pengantin and lots of chairs and tables for my guests to enjoy the food! Don’t even bother to bring any presents, just come and feast your tummy. While you eat, I will come to each and everyone of you and greet you with my simple cute wedding door gifts. [Ikut mana2 yang sempat lah saya layan. Kata orang, memang tak terlayan lah semua..] Some bride just prefer to sit and watch people come and take pictures with them because of their heavy accessories on the wedding dress that limits their movement. I hope to find a lovely easy-for-me-to-walk wedding dress so that i can personally come to my guest and say thank you for coming. You know how i kenot duduk diam. And I hope to have Norul Syukor to do my makeup simple yet easy for me to give a big smile without cracking up my foundation. Lol~
Oh yeah, did I mentioned that I like multirace of people in my guest list? I like to see colourful people during my wedding day. White people. Black people. Sawo matang people. Hehehe~ [Can somebody please knock my head outta here?]

Hehe. Berangan je lebih. Don’t care lah. It’s what most girls do lah before getting married. Though my plan of marriage is maybe another 5 years in time, at least I have plans. Before I go to that level, I wanna reach my goals first. In my career mostly. Wanna really make sure I’m ready before sharing life with my other half-whom-I-don’t-know-who-yet. It’s a lifetime decision and I hope I won’t make any mistakes. And if I do, I will learn from it. Prepare for it. But in the meantime, I am totally happy with the family I already have right now. Being single is just not that bad when you know how to blend happiness in your life. Because sometimes, having your own family doesn’t even guarantee you the happiness that you thought you can find. I don’t deny that God has sent His message in this issue but don’t forget, He also has His own plan in for us too. Plans that He knew work better on us. So tell me, can anyone guarantee my happiness if I ever got married earlier?

Message here is : Don't ever ask me when will i get married or if i already have any boyfriends or not! LOL~