Saturday, September 30, 2006

2C - Cat & Car ~*

Now, this is strange…

Last night, I went downstairs for a drink. I went to the kitchen and open the fridge, took out a yogurt drink and place it on the nearby table. I was at the fridge when I turn around to fetch a glass. When I turn back to get that yogurt drink on the table, the bottle wasn’t there anymore! I was confused. I swore it was there before! Thinking that I may not really took out the bottle, I bend down back to the fridge that I haven’t close yet. Again, I was confused. It’s not there either~! When I stand up, then there it was~ my yogurt drink right at where I thought I didn’t left it. Trying to think of bulan Ramadan, there is no such thing as a ghost, I just poured my yogurt and drink till the last drop. But that was just the beginning…

The clock is tickling at 1 a.m when I went upstairs. But when I was halfway up the stairs, suddenly, my bulu roma meremang. My step nailed on the floor. I was like ‘apa ke hal aku nih?’ I looked around just to see if there is anything strange. You see, I have this kind of guts like ‘no body ever gonna scare me in my own house!’ so, I decided to go back downstairs to see what is going on.. [or rather what is going on with me?] I went back to the kitchen and turn the lights on. Then there it was… a real figure of a white cat sitting on the dining table, staring at me! Immediately, my heart was pounding like crazy! And all my nerve could do was just to switch off the lights! But like I said, nobody ever gonna scare me at my own house. I recite a little prayer, calm myself and truly was ready for any attack from that what-ever-it-is. [And I really don’t know where the heck I got that guts!]

Feeling just a little calm, I switch on the lights back. Definitely as I expected, the ‘thing’ was not there anymore. Right after that, I was sweating like nuts! My heart began pounding again but it was less than before. I didn’t quit reciting my prayers and try to keep calm. [well, actually, when I’m at my most fright, my voice refuse to come out] I quickly turn off the lights, and start my 100 meters race up to my room. I jumped on my bed while my sister was sleeping soundly and yeah.. she was mad cause I suddenly woke her up in such way but I don’t even care she’s mad cause I was relief that she’s awake. My voice still refuses to come out with an explanation and decided to keep it till tomorrow morning. I slept the whole night with the lights on…

A few days ago, I nearly met with an accident. And really it was one lucky incident for me. I was crossing the road with people by my side. You see, I do have some fright when it comes to crossing the road. Since, there were a lot of people; I just stayed close to one of the pedestrians near me. I didn’t even look left or right and just follow the flow. Halfway of the road, I do sense a vehicle coming quite fast from my left. That was when I walked faster. I just couldn’t bear the sound of a car on the road as it will increase my trauma that I already have. Right after I step on the pave way, I could even feel the wind swift behind me before I heard a car hit another guy behind me! I was stunned. I turn around and saw him lying helplessly on the road. A cell phone was lying beside him too. Everybody made it to the other side except him. I wasn’t even blocking his way because he was behind me but a bit on my right. Good thing the car wasn’t going that fast but enough to knock him down and he fainted. No blood on the road, thank God! The driver took the guy to the hospital and there wasn’t much a hectic. All I can assume is that he may be busy on his cell phone that he didn’t realize a car coming towards our way. Maybe. I was really sorry for him and hope he will be alright soon. Everything was quickly cleared and everybody was back to their own business. Alhamdulillah, I wasn’t hurt but I knew, if I were 5 seconds late, it could have been me on the way to the hospital…. =(

Well, just another spice of my life with a strange white cat and a car..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Salam Ramadhan and Farewell~*

Pada hari Ahad lepas, bermula lah umat Islam menjalani ibadah puasa. 1 Ramadhan adalah tarikh yg ditunggu2 umat Islam lambang bulan yang penuh berkat serta peluang untuk merehatkan diri. Rehatkan diri dari segala macam godaan serta peluang untuk mengawal nafsu.
Hari Sabtu lepas, genap lah seminggu ummi habiskan kursus. Kursus induksi utk LPHS. Kursus tu di buat di Sepang. Berulang alik lah jugak dari Bangi ke Sepang walaupun hotel disediakan. Ini semua gara-gara peserta yang pelbagai kerenah hendakkan itu ini. Demi menjaga hati klien, selalu jer handfon ku berlagu Usher [tema lagu utk ummi] mintakkan itu ini. Walaupun agak cerewet nak layan [aku jer yg selalu rasa cerewet ni-hahaha] tapi hasilnya, selalu jer ummi dapat surat pujian yang bagus dari klien nye yang sentiasa puas hati dgn khidmat yang diberikan. Dan sebab itu lah, kerjaku sebagai eksekutif pemasaran jarang dibuat kerana klien yang sentiasa mencari ummi. Klien kami yang tolong pasarkan jenama kami. Untuk pengetahuan semua, ummi membuka syarikat sendiri. A training consultant company. So, apart from studying, i do help my mother as an admin executive. My work is always based on calls. [macam doctor pulak-hehehe] My mum will just ring me anywhere i am and ask me to go here there. My territory range from Klang to Seremban. It's where our clients are. My work is more spontaneously with no working hours. Office kecil kami hanya lah di rumah saje.Bulan lepas adalah bulan yang agak hectic untuk kami kerana 3 kursus harus dibuat dan setiap satunyer 4-7 hari. Jadi, atas sebab ni juga la jarang aku dapat online.
Mujurlah bulan puasa ni, ummi dah tolak tawaran mengendalikan kursus tapi akan kembali hectic pada bulan raya nanti. So, tahun ni tak sure ada ke tidak open house seperti tahun2 sebelumnya. Tapi kalau ada, aku menjemput semua insan yang datang menyinggah ke blog ku ini utk sama2 memeriahkan open house rumah ku nanti. Tapi puasa pun baru 3 hari.. puasa penuh2 dulu baru boley raya... hehehehe...
Semalam pun, aku sempat ke KLIA walaupun tak bercadang nak pergi pada awalnya. Ini gara2 kerja ku yang diambil alih oleh orang lain lantas memberi masa untuk aku datang KLIA tengahari tu to bid farewell to my friends. Sebaik sampai KLIA, Ijat menyambut ku dengan membawa Kamen bersama. Akhirnya dapat juga berjumpa dgn member chatting aku sorg ni. Then the rest of the geng-Mando, Awe, Acap, Munir, Hazim [just to name a few] sempat la aku jumpa just to wave goodbye to them. Got a few sweet memories with them. A really good bunch of sporting teenage doctors-to-be! Sometimes, when i go to see doctors, eventhough they smile but they will give me this look like "don't you see that i'm serious? Don't try to play around with me" and i always thought that doctors are no fun at all. hahaha.. but my mistake~!! Doctors do know how to rock~! Iyyeah~ hehehehe... but really sorry i didnt get the chance to wave you guys at the gate cause i got an urgent call from my mum. So, i wish you guys a safe flight back to jordan and in this second year, no more playing around ok...! Good luck and study smart!
From Jordan to Egypt to Ukraine~See you all next year,dearies~!
Last but not least, i would like to wish you all that may this fasting month brings joy and Nur to our life and recieve ALLAH forgiveness. Never give up to seek for His attention and always pray what's best for us...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Haip~! Long time no see.... hehehe...

I haven't been updating myself with these blogs lately but that doesn't mean i've forgotten it. My life is really getting a bit busy lately and i just came back from a physic seminar. I was browsing thru some blogs that i've missed during that bored seminar when suddenly, the dear mando dori sms asking me to join their outing tomorrow at Midvalley. I was delighted to join their fun but it only lasted till the end of the seminar when suddenly, the professor announced that seminar need to be continued till tomorrow. I was like HUH...?? alarrrrr.... baru jer berangan2 nak join diorg pergi midvalley esok...! *sigh* Adeh...

Well, nothing much happen lately except that i couldn't find my time yet to call that streamyx guy. Whether he's not around or i'm just too busy to stay around the house for him... [dah lar dia boley datang working hours jer] I do miss my chit chat session during midnight hours but yet, found another things to do that time~watching a korean series titled My Girl~!!

So far, i've watched till 7th episode. This story ends till 18th episode i guess. [tak tengok pulak berapa episode yg ada tapi satu dvd boley muat 6 episode and ada 3 dvd! hehehe] To tell the truth, that DVD was given by my best friend who took the effort to burn the series for me and send it all the way from kedah~!! Love you Zatul Iradah Zaini~!!! she said, the heroin of that story [Yoo Ju Rin] resembles me a lot. [haha atul~! iyo lah tu! mane ade~ ;p]The thicked-skin innocent girl who is determine to get what she wants. She's not a well-planned girl and kinda often forget stuffs. Hiding her sad emotions and sometimes do create scenes at certain place just to get what she wants. She's great at making anyone to believe her lie. She's always get into trouble because of it. Anyone around her will get entertain. I do recommend you all to watch it. Trully its fun! And chep, this is the korean movie that i suggest you to watch~My Girl.

Btw, maybe i'll just join them tomorrow at MidValley. [crossing my fingers that the seminar tomorrow to be cancel] Mando, Awe, Acap, Ijat and their friend, Ida [whom i dont know] will be there and they have less than 2 weeks to be around. That's a strong reason for me to go and see them tomorrow. [jeling2 nad~muehehehe...] Haven't seen them for a year and I hope that i still recognize them. Not forgetting to farah nazneen, may you have a safe flight back to Mesir this 16th Sept and enjoy the 2nd year of a student life. Definitely we will have another session of buli-bulian again next year ok~! hehehehe.. *wink* ps-ooppssss....! hehehe..

I dont intend to make this entry a long one, just enough to let everyone know that i'm still here, rocking style as always~! Can't leave the title of ratu speku! [maka bersedialah mereka2 yg berkenaan! muahaha...] and yeah.. miss you guys!
Take care~!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lama dah tak singgah~*

Rasanya memang dah lama tak menjengah ke mari. Sejak rumahku direnovasi sehingga kini, boleh bilang dgn jari berapa kali meng'online'kan diri dgn blog nih. Bukannya apa, tanggungjawabku terhadap perkara2 lain menggamit komitmenku yg jitu. Yang paling utama sekarang ni adalah proses pengemasan rumah yg tak habis2 sejak almari dan lantai yang siap dipasang. Proses pengemasan rumah ini melibatkan ;

1} Penyusunan serta proses mengemas semula baju2. Baju2 lama yang masih elok tapi tak mau dipakai akan dibungkus dan di hantar ke tempat kampung. 3 hari 3 malam kami amik masa just to setelkan baju2 sahaja~! biasalah kan org perempuan...! hehehe *wink*

2} penurunan langsir2 rumah yg setiap satunye berdouble railing. melecet2 jari ku mencabut dan memasangnya semula satu2. dah tu, langsir2 lama tu akn disedekahkan. cabut2 pasang2 langsir ini amik masa 2 hari 2 malam gak la...

3} Penyusunan fail2 serta buku2 dalam almari. Ummi telah membuat pejabat di ruang atas rumah kami menyebabkan berbundle2 fail yg perlu kami susun dan sorting ikut susunannya. ha.. yang ni dah 3 hari 4 malam kami buat pun tak habis2 lagi... fail2 tu ummi yg kena tapis segalanya dulu baru kami boleh susun masuk almari.

4} rak2 buku yang lama telah dinyahkan seratus peratus dari ruang tingkat atas menyebabkan tersusun cantik rak2 tuh kat luar rumah. Ruang depan rumah ku macam jualan gudang. kayu-kayan almari lama serta lantai parkir masih bersepah di keliling rumah. Kertas2 lama sedang dikumpulkan utk santapan lori suratkhabar lama...

5} pemasangan semula segala peralatan elektronik menyebabkan ada masalah timbul dalam penyambungan internet ku. Entah kenapa modem internet tu tak nak nyala 3 lampu, only 2 lampu jer yg bernyala. Katanya takde respon antara komputer dan modem internet~! Ini adalah alasan utama kenapa dah berhari tak online dan berchatting apatah lagi nak mengupdate! Akan dibaiki tak lama lagi..

6} shopping~! brg2 yang lama telah dibuang serta ada yg disedekahkan membuatkan ruang tingkat atas tu dah jadik kosong semacam. maka ini adalah alasan ummi utk shopping brg2 baru. katil baru serta kerusi2 pejabat menjadi sasaran ummi di IKEA tuh.. berapa kali pergi balik pergi balik IKEA tuh.. adeh~! tu belom lagi brg2 lovely lace yang menjadi kegilaan adik ku. habis bilik kami berbau kedai lovely lace serta perkakasan hape-hape-ntah-dia-beli kat lovely lace tu jadi hiasan bilik kami. Dah pandai bertema dah bilik aku walhal sebelum ni bilik aku mcm dorm asrama perempuan yg byk barang~!

Dengan pengemasan rumah ku ini,ianya adalah projek fasa 1. Fasa seterusnya akan melibatkan ruang dapur di mana kabinet2 dapur yg dah lebih 20 tahun itu akan di cabut dan diganti baru. Projek fasa 2 ni tak pasti biler akan dilaksanakan pulak~! hehehe..

Sekarang ni, makmal ni pun sedang melalui proses ISO. Banyak la menda2 nak kene buat utk memenuhi standard ISO. segala dokumen2 serta fail2 perlu diupdate serta bahan2 kimia dalam lab ni yang perlu disusun semula. Nak kene kerja kan makmal ni pulak satu hal. nak kene catit dari sekecik2 menda sampai la sebesar2 tong nitrogen tuh. Boleh tahan leceh jugak kerja dalam makmal ni tapi itu lah tugasku. Sampel tak buat2 lagi sebab kasi peluang budak2 degree buat sample diorg dulu. Tugasku adalah memonitor kerja mereka.

Maka, itu lah aktiviti aku setakat ni. Sekarang ni kat lab. Budak2 UPM tgh cuti. Ada lah masa sket nak mengupdate ni walupun takde idea sebenarnya... but i will find my time soon enough to be back on track with my fellow bloggers... take care all~!