Thursday, April 30, 2009

Women sacrifice the most~*

Tengah2 merayau tengok fesbuk orang, terjumpa satu note sorang minah Singapore ni buat. I like the writing and i like the way she pointed out her view. I kinda agree with her.
So aku pun malas nak tulis banyak, and her opinion ni direct aku copy paste kat sini je and it is very long, its worth it to spend few minutes reading it through...
It’s raining again out there with outrageous thunders. With my head feeling zoned out, I wish I was home instead, having a good rest, and hopefully get well again.Such a wet weather is only making my allergy worse. For those who don’t know, doctors believe that I’m actually allergic to the wet weather here in Singapore. HAHA! Not that I can stand the hot weather either.And since the cold is obviously bugging my mood for the day, I decided to discuss a rather nasty topic; one which I have been planning for the longest time but never had the time to really sit down and think about it. Honestly, I think my brain analyzes too much and like Ally McBeal, it has a “brain” of its own.
When I was younger and still single, my grandma used to tell me that there is no point chasing the paper dream and get good qualifications since at the end of the day, we might just end up in the kitchen.I used to opposed so much to that notion, telling her that times have now changed and woman can be more successful and they do not have to give in to the norm; that woman are solely responsible for what happens in the kitchen. She’ll always retort back at me, asking me to just wait and see.If you look at it, hardly will you hear that men are actually lifting up their “dainty” fingers to help their mothers, sisters or grandmothers with the housework. It’s probably inculcated in our culture that the women are those who are responsible for all the household duties and that the men’s sole duty is to go out there and just earn the cash back home.Probably it might work in an era where woman has little or no education that they end up being a housewife once they step into marriage.
But in these modern days where woman has equal opportunity to gain the knowledge and achieve an astounding career profile, the norm has to change.I’m not exactly fighting for woman’s rights but just hoping that the man could practice more empathy to women who are equally tired working in the day and should deserve ample rest when they comes home in the evening.From my daily observation and stories that I heard from friends and colleagues, men, when they are home, would probably just place their butt on the sofa or on the bed and would then called out to the wife for coffee, tea and so on. While a woman comes home, has no time to rest but to clean the house, do the laundry, cook, wash the dishes and so on.Even as I was growing up, cleaning the house on the weekend has somehow become my duties whereas my brothers are enjoying their sleep till noon and just wake up to eat their meals and laze around.I was always grumbling and nagging to my brothers about how bad they are behaving by refusing to help me, who are also working my ass off in the office during the weekdays.Don’t I deserve to laze around just as much as they do that somehow me being a woman, I’m denied of that privileges?
I’m not saying that my mom’s way of bringing us up is wrong but I just feel that the old culture should not be practiced any further because it will only end up being understood that a woman’s job is to clean, cook and wash for them.It doesn’t work this way anymore!Let’s take an example of a married couple. Both husband and wife are working. Both have to wake up early in the morning to prepare for work. Both equally physically and mentally tired from the day’s event. Both would love to have the rest at home.But when both returns home, men thinks that they have the higher rights to rest since they didn’t bother to help out anyway. While a women returns, still have to sweep the house because the husband refuse to help, has to mop the house because the husband refuse to help, has to do the laundry because the husband refuse to help, has to prepare dinner because the husband refuse to help and the list will go on forever.Many would just take the easy way out by employing a maid but what if you do not have the means to have a maid? So the wife automatically becomes the maid?I thought marriage is about love and going through all the ups and downs TOGETHER!Yet the man, arrogant as some men could be, thought they have the every right to scold the wife for not having the house as clean, the laundry or the dinner on time!You know, I totally despise such man.Go move your own bloody limbs to get it done!
Many cases of men having affairs, their reason could be as simple as the wife is always in the mess and never attractive enough. Oh well, try to work in the morning and continue with all the work in the evening! Do you think that, that is what a woman look forward too when they decide to get married to you?If you love your woman so much, how did you close both eyes and see the person that you so called love to be so drained out physically and emotionally from working too hard?Is that really love or just pure laziness?A man should really wake up and open their eyes wide and stop being so prejudiced!And some men do grumble so much when the wife is pregnant and they are always moody, craving and so forth. So hubby and I have a healthy debate about pregnant woman and their mood swings.Hubby said that it’s all in the mind and the woman involved should learn how to control the outburst of emotions.My point, I think that is being so self-centered! (sorry hubs!)True a woman should learn how to control and not behaving in such over the top manner and use pregnancy as an excuse but a man should be more understanding and it’s not just all about mind over body issue.There are hormones, lethargy and so much more. It’s not easy carrying that extra load with her for 9 months or more. What does a man know? At most they are only carrying their beer belly around don’t they? Women are instead not only feeling the heaviness of being pregnant but they are also easily tired and ache all over. Why don’t men try to tie a 3 KG dumbbell on their tummy for 9 whole months and feel what a woman feel?Would they?
Men’s mentalities are simple. Go to work, come back home and make sure they pay the bills while they expect more from the woman.I mean take a look at today’s situation. Woman does work and pay the bills too. So why should women be liable for the household and be blamed for the mood swings?Men are not being responsible by not taking good care of their wife as they blatantly promised in front of many others when they were solemnized.They might as well point it out and say that I marry this woman, not only will she become my maid for free but she has also has to find the energy to satisfy me in bed, cook for me, do all my laundry, ensure my house is clean, bear me childrens and they should never nagged or complaint about all the hardship and heart ache that they have to go through but to just listen to me with no question asked.I bet many women will choose to be single if they were to hear those words. HAHAHA!
Fuhh.. panjang giler..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ngarut je semua~*

Tengah aku melompat2 blog orang, tetiba terjengah blog yang cerita pasal anugerah darjah kebesaran yang bakal kasik kat zahida rafik. WTF~~?? Takde orang lain ke? Alasan dia sebab dia anak jati Selangor, status pelakon dan byk buat kerja charity. Aku malu nak ngaku kerajaan negeri mana nak kasi AMN kat dia tu sebab aku pun berasal dari negeri yg sama. Then some more, Noryn Aziz pun dapat? Apa alasan? Tak cukup besar lagi ke pengorbanan ahli2 bomba dan ahli paramedic yg berkorban jiwa raga selamatkan nyawa orang? Ngarut! Pasni aku nak masuk audition. Pelakon suam2 kuku pun jadi ler. Janji ada status. Then singgah rumah anak yatim belakang sekolah tolong cuci longkang lambang kerja amal. Cukup syarat! Boleh la aku dapat AMN gak. Siapa nak join?

Dulu shah rukh khan. (ha ye la.. aku ngaku aku minat kat shah rukh khan tu.. suatu masa dulu la.. duluuuuuu..) . Pun dapat anugerah jugak. Biler dia miss attend nak amik darjah pingat dia tu, kecoh kejap. Pastu biler dia datang, kecoh org berebut nak buat baju melayu dia. Satu malaya tahu dia pakai baju size berapa. Cheh. Nasib baik baju melayu tu dia bawak balik. Buat kain buruk gamaknye.

Then kecoh gak pasal Nabil peluk Irma masa Anugerah Berita Harian. Nabil muka selamba cakap takde salah dia buat macam tu sebab terkejut sangat. Mana nak perasan dengan sape dia peluk. Lagi2 bila orang tersayang kat sebelah. Apa nak kesal kalau terpeluk. Pergh. Berahi sungguh statement Nabil. Live satu Malaysia tengok. Role model bintang paling fofular.

Aku masih amik tahu pasal Malaysia walaupun jauh diperantauan. Semuanya gossip hiburan sebab aku dah puas muntah dengan gossip politik. Tunggu lah biler dah muak dgn gossip hiburan, buat pasal gossip ekonomi dan cuaca pulak. Aku rasa tak lama je nih. Heh~

One thing for sure, dari jauh aku tengok Malaysia ni kecik je…

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just do the best~*

So hari ni dah start pening. Dah masuk fasa kedua training. Fasa pertama tu senang sebab belajar yang basic2 je. Ada test & presentation. Semua happy. Asal hujung minggu je berjalan2! hehe. Gambar2 kat Universal Studios dah up kat Facebook. Nak upload kat sini leceh sebab guna komputer lab kat sini yang tak leh nak upload dari internet sini sebab dia pakai external line dalam bangunan ni so dia punyer access limited bla bla bla dan sewaktu dengannya kalau guna internet access dari ofis. Leceh. Hari tu upload gambar pun dari rumah [pakai laptop dia kasik] tapi sekarang ni dah 2 hari internet kat laptop tak leh masuk. Hampeh. Nanti lah i pergi mengadu domba kat HR nanti.

Sebenarnya nak cakap, hari nih TENSION. Sebab tak paham apa buat programing ni. Dah lah kelmarin semua orang hilang mood. Salah sorg dari trainee sini kena pecat. Pergh.. semua terkejut. Tak pernah2 masa training orang kena pecat. Dah lah mamat tu baru 2 bulan je masuk. I pun baru masuk 3 bulan. What do you expect? Mesti lah tak terror. Orang-orangan kat Geneva decide nak buang mamat tu jugak. Buang duit kata mereka sebab tak perform. Dah separuh jalan dah mamat tu join training ni. Masa tu la semua orang terkejut & try to concentrate lebih dalam kelas. Dan2 tu jugak mata i dah tak reti nak ngantuk masa kelas. Takut kena pecat. That guy yang kena pecat tu sebab markah test dia tak melepasi minimum requirement. Markah lulus adalah 70%. Mati lah i. Dah lah markah atas sikit je dari cukup makan. Nasib baik my presentation & leadership skill menyelamatkan keadaan. Habis semua di-evaluate. Strict gak lah. So sape2 rasa training obersea nih best, think again. Ngeri ok.

Well, apa2 pun, still rasa kerja ni best. Semua orang amik masa nak faham kerja yang kena buat. Janji ada minat dan passion. Then improve. Mujur lah aku tak dapat full marks sebab ada ruang nak improve. Kalau dapat full mark (well, mana ada orang perfect kan), maunya dah rasa terror then rasa berlagak tak nak belajar lagi dah. Bahaya tuh. (Sedapkan hati sebab markah tak penuh) In whatever we do, always buat yang termampu walaupun tak semestinya yang terbaik and try to improve. Janji ada kesungguhan because whatever effort we put shall show up in the job that we do.

Apa-apa pun, good luck to me... T_T
And to you guys too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just the matter of different culture~*

First sekali, tengah malas. Ada beribu2 gambar yang perlu sorting untuk masuk dalam facebook and blog ni tapi tahap kemalasan yang tinggi membuatkan citer boring kat TV pun nampak menarik. Sekalinya citer tuh dah habis. So jadi boring balik. Last2 rasa nak update blog tanpa letak pape gambar. Rasa semacam sangat leceh nak cucuk USB laptop ni. (salah satu daripada seribu alasan)

Well, what I like to share with you guys here is the culture. Kata org, kita boleh belajar melalui budaya orang kan? But I’m not going to talk about history here. Don’t wanna make you guys bored to death. Just nak cerita something that seems weird to my eyes and ears (tak kisah lah whatever jenis mata and telinga korang ada kan…) just wanna share info and direct people to this blog that keep asking me, “macam mana sana?” heh~.

First sekali driving culture. Pergh.. tak tahan tu belakang pn kena pakai safety belt. (yeah.. I know,Malaysia pun nak buat) I hate it so much. Tak suka kena ikat dgn tali. Sangat meracau. Then betol2 lak tu ikut speed limit. Satu jalan tu adalah dalam 35mph atau 40mph. plg laju is 60mph. Sini pakai sukatan mile, bukan kilometer. So, pandai2 lah mendarab. Pastu org sini sgt sopan bawak keta. Kalau ada orang nak cross jalan, diorg akn berhenti dalam 10 batu kasi org tu jalan dulu. Kalau kat mesia, maunye dah kena hon dgn orang belakang dah. Then kalau lampu lampu trafik rosak, no problem. Orang2 kiri kanan depan belakang mcm tau2 je sape kena jalan dulu, sapa jalan kemudian. Kagum. Kalau lah org2 mesia ada attitude mcm ni, tak yah taruk honk at kereta tu. Kesimpulannya, tahap kurang hajar diorg kat jalan raya ni memang tak segagah mana. Orang2 Malaysia lagi hebat.

Tapi org sini semua nak cepat. Sebab banyak sangat drive thru. Kalau makanan drive thru tu paham ler lagi, ini farmasi pun nak drive thru! Bookstore pun drive thru. ATM machine pun ada drive thru. Semua serba drive thru. Toilet je aku belum jumpa lagi yang drive thru. Tang tu boleh pulak diorg tahan. Harhar.

Sini budaya suka sangat pakai microwave. Ok, I know kita pun ada byk microwave tapi tahu tak makanan radiated ni sangat bahaya? Tapi makanan microwavable mereka sangat lah berlambak. Lebih banyak dari jualan aiskrim. Semua nak cepat. Kadar penggunaan microwave mereka 3 kali ganda dari orang Malaysia.

Iklan diorg boleh hentam pesaing. Contohnya kalau amalkan kat Malaysia, Maxis boleh hentam Celcom terang2 dan Carrfour boleh taruk nama Giant besar2 dalam iklan diorg utk compare siapa lebih hebat. Tak yah guna kaler2 buat kiasan. Bayangkan, iklan Carrefour terang2 taruk nama Giant & Carrefour sebelah2 and buat comparison harga between both. Sah2 orang tak nak lagi dah pergi Giant. Kesian tapi untung kita sebagai pengguna lah kan. Best jugak kalau dapat buat macam tu kat Malaysia.

Pastu sini plg benci dgn tax dia. Setiap butir barang kita beli ada tax. Beli gula2 dua posen pun kena byr tax 8.25%. Ha kira lah sendiri. Tu tak kira lagi tips tu. Cekik dara jugak lah. Paling hangin sekali biler angin pun kena bayar. Aah. Nak tiup angin masuk tayar kereta pun kena bayar 75sen. Nasib baik lah masuk toilet sini tak kena bayar.

Kat sini ramai yang pelik tengok org bertudung. Well, actually tengok tempat lah. Kalau duduk Houston or California, jarang sket orang bagi muka pelik tu. Tapi masa duduk kat Louisiana dulu, muka-muka pelik tengok aku macam alien tu memang berlambak. Siap diorg ingat aku ni a church nun! Sebab orang2 Louisiana jarang terima orang luar. Sekali bila dapat org Africa, cina & Malaysia ni, maunye diorg tak terkujat. Macam2 lah aku kena menjawab. Nasib baik skrip dah tersiap sedia. So that they don’t get the wrong impression/idea. It’s kinda new thing for me meeting up with people that has no idea at all about Malaysia or Islam. Siap sorang tu ingat I came from Mongolia just because lidah dia berbelit nak cakap Malaysia. Sesuka hati je kan. Harhar.

Ok lah. Dah ngantuk. Gambar2 perlancongan ke California masih tersimpan. Tak sorting lagi. Malas.
Tunggu mood.

Just came back~*

hello again.
hari ni hari isnin and i just got back from california yesterday.
it was total fun and awesomely excited.
i went there with Suyin & jocelyn and we slept over at suyin's sister place at santa monica.

we went to universal studio, disneyland, beverly hills, santa monica, hollywood walk of fame, venice beach & malibu. 3 days trying to cover everything up but definitely it was not enough.
i had tonnes of pictures to share but i'm still in processing of editing those pictures.
so many to put and need sorting.
i will put more pictures in my facebook later, when i'm done with my beauty sleep.

right now, i desperately need more rest and a good sleep. *yawn*

ps- i'm in my lecture class now. having 15 minutes break. counting minutes waiting for the class session to end. can't wait to get back home and have some more sleep! *yawn*

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Owwhh.. sesedap jiwa raganya aku meng-hapdate dari kelas. I’m in my happy hour. Lunch Hour! Harhar. Depa sediakan lasagna 2 jenis. Daging and sayur. Adeh. Hentam je lah. Petang kang masuk gym. Heh. (aku hentam Lasagna sayur la. Bukan daging tak halal)
Budak2 course aku ni sedih semacam. Cause one of the trainee dah nak balik dah hari ni. Balik Pollad. Nama dia Kasia. Nama panjang dia haram aku tak reti sebut or eja. Dia ni kelakar. Buat lawak muka selamba. Aku rasa lagi boleh gelak kalau aku paham bahasa polish dia. Sayang lah dia ni dah nak balik. (walhal ngelat semalam tak gi celebrate kat rumah dia. Tertidur beb. Harhar)
Well Kasia, i wish you a very best of luck in your life journey. There will be no goodbyes between us, just the "See you again, girl!"

Kepala aku dah tak leh piker panjang dah. Otak dah merewang ke Hollywood dah ni. Dok terbayang Pitt, Bloom, De Caprio, Depp dan sewaktu dengannya. (Sejak biler lak reti guna nama bapak2 diorg je nih? Cheh.) Semalam teman Melanie and Alvin sewa sleeping bag. Teringat pulak “duty” aku utk mengecek Alvin hantarkan aku, Suyin & Jocelyn ke airport esok. Nak naik cab dari apartment ke airport = $70 tu! Ha darab lah dengan 3.7 lebih kurang, melayang berapa dah ringgit Malaysia aku. Baik guna duit tambang tu belanja Alvin makan and isi minyak kereta. Balik dari airport nanti pun Alvin jemput. Owh terima kasih. Alvin memang jejaka gentleman in the world. Harhar.

Owh.. kepala ku makin berat. Tidur tak secukup rasa lagi. Semalam tidur jam 3 pagi after terjaga jam 11 malam tuh. Wengggg kejap otak ku pagi tadi masa aku bangun tidur. Rasa malasnye nak mengemas rumah. Eh silap2. Malasnye nak bangun gi kelas.

Rasanya kepala aku masih wenggg lagi lar.

Nak tidur!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chill out~*

My blog nih. Sejak bukak dulu sampai la ni, balik2 rupa yang sama je, tak pernah tukar2. Setia pada yang satu.(Uhuk.. malas.. uhuk..) Nasib ler blog dapat tuan macam ni...

I feel like writing tonight. After some time of writer’s block~ (ha yer lah block sangat). Tadi jengah blog minah ni. Meriah semacam je. Siap sedap ngutuk member crew dia. Jeles aku tengok. Harhar. So aku pun nak join the club lah kan. Nak ceritera jugak kat sini.

Malas cakap banyak2. PRK jelas dah tunjuk semua. Kita menang dua bukit, depa dapat sebatang. Batang Ai. Senang citer, masih kekalkan kuasa kat tempat masing2. Before fly to US dulu, Pak Lah masih kat atas. Aku balik Malaysia kang, Pak Jib pulak dah naik. Aduhai… tak sampai 3 bulan je aku tinggalkan Malaysia dah jadik macam2? Belum lagi kalau aku tinggalkan setahun ke.. entah apa jadik. Korang memang tak leh hidup tanpa aku kan? Eceh. Harhar. Tengah bulan May kang aku balik ler...

Ok. Dah. Malas ulas panjang2. Cerita sikit2 sudah. Sebab aku tidak berada di tempat kejadian. Tak ikut berkempen apatah lagi berkempen online macam dulu. Busy maa.. bukan tak nak join tapi dengan laptop laju tahap siput tempang, internet pun laju gak macam lori tayar pancit dan kesibukan aku standard Barack Obama, maka aku cukup alasan untuk tidak update. Cukup baik lah tu last week aku sempat conteng blog nih.

So apa yang buat aku bebas menulis hari ni? Sebab today, I’m free like a bird! Hari ngeri aku dah berlalu. Ada presentation hari ni yang buat aku tak tidur 3 malam. (Ok tipu. Aku tidur 2-3 jam lah sehari) Lepas presentation ngeri tadi, rasa macam nak melompat pecah siling dinding. Tapi tak larat sebab ngantuk giler. 3 minggu stress presentation (dengan seminggu terakhir stress jadi melampau tahap dumbbell 20kg taruk kat bahu) plus ada test kena study and beban homework tahap tak kesian. Tapi semua kemendungan itu berlalu dengan settlenya test jumat lepas and presentation hari ni. Fuuuhhhh. Lega giler. Lebih lega dari buang angin. Hehe.

Apa aku buat sempena meraikan kebebasan dari stress aku hari ni? Balik apartment, masak. Makan. Masak lagi. Makan lagi. Tengok movie. Pastu tertidur dengan mulut ternganga. Harhar. Sangat chill out. Bangun2 je buat2 terlajak tidur,escape dari pergi meraikan hari kebebasan bersama member2 lain yang rancang nak tengok movie sambil makan pizza kat apartment member aku lagi sorang yang bakal tinggalkan training program ni esok. Bukan apa. Dah lah aku hantu pizza. Sambil2 tengok movie tu kang, aku telan air liur je la tengok diorg makan pizza daging ayam tak halal tu. (Pastu demi nak amik hati aku, diorg order pizza sayur. Pastu buat2 macam pizza sayur tu sedap jugak. Macam pizza pepperoni. Terima kasih lah korang kerana sanggup menipu demi nak jaga hati aku) Harhar. What a lame reason! Ala.. paham2 ler. Senang citer, aku malas.

Pastu apa lagi ek.. haaa.. aku tak sabar nak melancong ke LA. Khamis ni aku berangkat secara rasmi. Pergi bertiga. Member aku sorang ni ada kakak yang duduk LA. Dia nak bawak kitorg round2 satu kota. Aku tak pernah jumpa orang macam hakak dia yang siap buat jadual ketat sepanjang sepeninggalan kami kat sana. Pukul berapa pergi mana, shopping kat mana and berapa lama. Kalah jadual training aku. (Sebab jadual training aku pun takde cakap kelas aku start pukul berapa. Fleksibel) Jadual perlancongan kami dia buat itinerary dalam Excel and email kat kami bertiga. Siap letak menu lunch lengkap 3 hari tu. Sangat sweet biler dia include lunch kat restaurant halal. Kagum aku. Perlancongan kami sangat teratur. Kalah travel agency. Aku suka. Kakak dia nak kami fully use the time yang ada sebab opportunity nak pergi sana bukan selalu datang. Bergolek pulak tu kan. Enjoy nikmat dunia beb. Harhar.

Balik dari LA nanti, ada lagi 5 minggu je aku kat Houston ni. Another 5 weeks learning bunch of other new stuffs especially on the new program this newly merge company invented. We will be the early ‘innocent’ batch (not contaminated yet with any existing program in the company) to see how far can we adapt with the new program. Will it be better in helping the company’s production? Wait and see. Kerja setahun dua kat KL pastu plan nak chow pi kerja kat opis diorg kat obersea mana2. Agak2 PR dah amik alih kerajaan kang, aku balik lah. harhar~ Tetiba je kan.

Ok lah. Nak gi buat hotdog and goreng fish fillet. And salad sayur demi menu nan seimbang. Nyum nyum.