Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blonde of the day~*

Well, we are might aware how the blondes are said to be the less smart ones. Is that true? Dumb with beauty? Can't think of it now, but I do enjoy some of the jokes about them. Just to have my laugh… no hard feelings, blondes! Its just a piece of joke..

Well hidden blonde
There was a blonde a redhead and a brunette. They all decided to go to the bar and they got fake IDs cause they were underage. So they go in and the bartender knows they are underage so he call the cops. The readhead informs the girls that the bartender has called the cops and they have to leave. So they go out the back door and they see this barn. They go inside and the redhead notices 3 potato sacks on the floor. See tells the girls to each hide in a potato sack. Then the police arrive in the bar, and the bartender takes them out back to look around. They go into the barn and look everywhere. One cop says "They might be in those potato sacks". So he kicks the first one containing the redhead and hears "woof woof". "That's a dog" he thinks to himself. He kicks the second bag containing the brunette and hears "Meow, meow" "Well that must be a cat" he thinks. Finally, he kicks the last bag containing the blonde and hears in a slow voice "!"

You've Got Mail
A man was in his front yard mowing grass, when his attractive blonde female neighbor, Judy, came out of her house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it, then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house. A little later she came out of her house again, went to the mail box, and again opened it and slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went. As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever. Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, "Is something wrong?" To which she replied, "There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps saying, YOU'VE GOT MAIL."

Blonde Paints the Kitchen
There was a Blonde and her husband. One morning the husband leaves for work and the blonde gets up. She's determined to prove to her husband that blondes arn't dumb, by painting the kitchen. When her husband gets home he says to his wife "Honey why do you have 3 coats on?" The blonde says, "Well the directions on the paint said to use three coats for best results."

The Exam
The blonde reported for her University final examination which consists of "yes/no" type questions. She takes her seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of inspiration takes her purse out, removes a coin and starts tossing the coin and marking the answer sheet - Yes for Heads and No for Tails. Within a half an hour, she is all done whereas the rest of the class is sweating it out. During the last few minutes, she is seen desperately throwing the coin, swearing and sweating. The moderator, alarmed, approaches her and asks what is going on... She replied, "I finished the exam in half and hour. But, I am rechecking my answers!!"

The Blonde Buys a TV
One day, a blonde goes into a store. She gets an item and walks up to the cashier. She says,"I'd like to buy this TV". He says,"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes". The next day, she dyes her hair red and goes back in the store, but the same thing happens. Finally, she shaves her head and goes back in. When she tries to buy it for the third time, the man refuses. She says, "How the hell do you know I'm blonde?". He replied, "First of all, that's a microwave.”

Don't Cheat On A Blonde
A young blonde woman is distraught because she fears her husband is having an affair, so she goes to a gun shop and buys a handgun. The next day she comes home to find her husband in bed with a beautiful redhead. She grabs the gun and holds it to her own head. The husband jumps out of bed, begging and pleading with her not to shoot herself. Hysterically the blonde responds to the husband, "Shut're next!"

The Firing Squad
A brunette, a redhead and a blonde get captured and are placed before a firing squad. They are about to be executed and the brunette says "Look...Hurricane" and points to her left while she gets away. The redhead girl says "Look...Tornado", points and gets away. Finally the blonde tries to do the same thing she says "FIRE"

Hahaha.. enjoy your laugh. As some people say, laughter is the best medicine~*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Looking at some of my friends, they do show different personalities despite their looks. Having a fierce look, doesn’t mean they are not soft in heart. Many researches have been done to identify different characters, attitudes and personalities in different people using certain medium or item or what-so-ever they call. The most famous is our zodiac. Based on our date of birth, they reflected different characters inside us. [but of course, depends on the person to trust it or not] But did you know that in Japan, they have this tradition way to identify a person’s characters just by looking at their blood type? [Interesting~!] You might wanna check it out.. to believe it or not.. its up to you..!!
{P/S : For those who are not sure of their blood type, you might wanna check these out and see which one matches you. You don’t need to go for a blood test then~! Hehehe.. *wink*}

Darah jenis A
~ biasanya mereka yg tergolong darah jenis A ni agk keras kepala, serius, sabar dan ‘cool’. Selain itu, mereka juga mempunyai karakter yg tegas. Malah, sblm melakukan sesuatu, mrk lebih senang memikirkan baik & buruknyer terlebih dahulu serta sentiasa berusaha merancang sesuatu secara matang. Mereka akn mengerjakan sesuatu dgn bersggh2 & konsisten. Mrk juga berusaha utk mmbuatkan diri mereka sewajarnya ataupun seideal yg mungkin. Selain itu, cenderung keras terhadap org2 yg tidak sependapat.

Darah jenis AB
~ tergolong dlm mrk yg mmpunyai perasaan yg sensitif dan lembut. Mereka ini penuh perhatian dgn perasaan org lain & selalu menghadapi org lain dgn penuh perhatian dan berhati2. Selain itu, mereka ini keras dgn diri mereka sendiri dan org2 yg dekat dgnnya. Cenderung mempunyai dua keperibadian & mrk sering menjadi org yg sentimen dan memikirkn sesuatu secara mendalam. Mereka ini juga mempunyai ramai teman, tapi memerlukan waktu utk bersendirian bg memikirkan persoalan2 yg telah mendatangi hidup mereka

Darah jenis B
~ umumnye mereka ini mudah cemas. Panic dan tertarik terhadap segalanya serta mempunyai terlalu byk kegemaran ataupun hobi. Di saat sedang menyukai sesuatu biasanye minat itu dtg menggebu2, namun cepat bosan. Kebiasaan mereka akn memilih mana yg lebih penting dari byk perkara yg sedang dikerjakan. Cenderung ingin menjadi nombor satu dlm pelbagai perkara biarpun pada umumnyer mereka ini tidak biasa mengerjakan sesuatu secara serentak. Meskipun secara zahirnyer terlihat cemerlang, riang, penuh semngt dan berani, namun itu semua sama sekali berbeza dgn apa yg ada dlm diri mereka. Mereka ini boleh dikatakan sbg org yg tak suka bergaul dgn ramai org.

Darah jenis O
~ umumnye mereka yg tergolong dlm lingkungan darah jenis O mampu menciptakan suasana ceria dan harmoni dlm sesebuah kumpulan. Sgt pandai menutupi sesuatu sehgga mereka sentiasa kelihatan riang, damai dan spt langsung tiada masalah. Sggh pun begitu, jika sudah tidak berdaya lagi, mereka pasti akn mencari tempat atau org utk melahirkan segala rasa sedih yg terbuku di hati. Mereka juga biasanye pemurah, senang berbuat kebajikan dan tidak lokek utk mengeluarkan wang utk org lain. Selain itu, sgt fleksibel, mudah menerima hal2 baru, tetapi cenderung mudah dipengaruhi oleh org lain atau apa yg mereka lihat dari televisyen.

So, what blood type are you?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shopping spree~*

I just came back from shopping. Buying some usual stuffs. Pencuci muka, body shampoo and kapas muka. Beli di Guardian. Luckily, I got this discount card, offering 20% off for some selected items,valid till end of July. It seems that my visit to Guardian is not a waste. They do offer good bargains for their loyal customers like me! But yet, I do prefer Watson rather than Guardian.

I love shopping~with or without money! Window shopping somehow used to be my hobby during my campus days. Masa tu byk masa ronggeng bersama member2. Jelajah bandar JB. Any shopping complex in JB, just name it, I’ve been there! I do have certain passion during shopping hours. With or without my friends, these are the list must-somehow-sneak-into when I shop~! Hehehe…

~I really browse into farmacy. Rak demi rak. Just love it~! I can spend hours in the farmacy as I take several brands for one product and study the difference between them. So, dah boleh detect which produk yg elok tak elok. My personal fave is Watson and Guardian. Others such as Appex selalunyer akn letak harga slightly lebih tggi dari these 2 farmacies. Plus, you can easily find some expired products in here. So, always stick to Watson and Guardian! Also, there are certain stuffs you can get better buy at Watson and some other stuffs are better buy at Guardian. Hehehe..

Shoe store
~Ok. I’m crazy about shoes! Ironically, I can go to every single shoe store in the shopping complex and try every single shoes and sandals on display! I made this record in MINES, Angsana JB and City Square JB. Plus, boley try byk2 kali pulak tuh and keep on coming back to the same store just to compare which one looks better~kasut kat kedai ni ke atau kat kedai tuh? Record ni dibuat dari seawal shopping complex bukak [11 pg] sampai kene halau dgn pak guard [10.30mlm]. I will have size 6 for my shoes and size 5 for my sandals. Utk org berduit sederhana mcm saya, my personal fave sandals is Vincci and Marie Clair for my shoes. Carlo Rino also not bad lar~ and don’t get me wrong, I don’t have many collection of shoes as I’m so picky when it comes to choosing one~! Hehehe…

Book Store Vs Stationary store
I love both! My personal fave bookstore is MPH sebab dia punyer cawangan merata2. Also love kinokuniya tapi kat KLCC jer yg nmpk best. [plus tak jumpa kat tempat lain lagi]. Use to spend hours on MPH’s floor reading books. Stationary store is also my passion and my personal fave is the famous Czip Lee in Kajang~! Lots of weird stationaries can be found here and its kinda cool when u get to use one. Kalau hilang, senang cari sbb kita sorg jer pakai tu. So, org tak boleh curi stationary kita sembrgn!

So, lain daripada tuh, shopping mcm biasa lar. My personal store also includes seed, padini, british india, bodyglove[msa zaman campus],hush puppies and guess. Mostly, I just window shop. I can easily relief my stress by shopping! Trying out new outfits and get to buy one adalah satu nikmat tak terucap. Lebih nikmat kalau ada org lain yg belanja! hehehe.. So, siapa nak join my shopping spree sempena midyear megasale nih? Hehehe… *wink*

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sherry & Scabe~* [part 2]

‘sherry, apa khabar?’
‘woit scabe! Lama tak dgr citer... kau buat apa skrg? Dah jadi doc belom? Hehehe ;p’
‘aku kat hospital, tggu nak masuk operation kejap lagi’'

Tu sms kami setelah lama tak kontek sejak habis SPM dulu. Masa tu, aku kat UTM skudai n dia kat HUKM cheras. I was in my final semester. Dgn sms yg mcm tu, terus lah aku telefon dia. Dari johor ke cheras, mengenangkan mmbr tu nk operation, cuak la kejap, apa penyakit dia segala. Rupanye, nk operate lutut dia kasi masuk besi. Ler~ salah dia jugak, main tak ingt bdn. As a friend, menjadi kewajipan aku mmberi kata2 semngt agar dia tabah. Him being a clown, he said “bukannya aku nak masuk operation antara life or dead pun kau nk ckp mcm tuh”. Aku gelak jer lah. Main2 lak. Aku tepon dari johor tau! Ada ke ckp mcm tu. Hishhh...

Start after the simple sms, kami kontek. It wasnt awkward for me utk kembali baik setelah 4 tahun kami tak kontek. In fact, masa sekolah tak pernah baik pun. Tak pernah rapat. He is in his own world – rugby, basketball, voleyball. Me in my own world – netball, debate. Plus having netballers agak anti dgn ruggers, mmg takde sbb kami nk baik. But 4 years after spm, kami kontek balik. Having my friendly attitude, we build our own friendship.

Sepnjg berkwn, he was my good critisizer.. jgn harap la nk dgr dia puji segala. Same goes wif me. Walupun kagum dgn pencapaian dia, tak pernah express. Masa ni lah, we update ourselves. Baru tahu dia pun dah clash dgn girl dia sethn yg lalu. [samalah kita-pun dah sethn clash dgn musang takeshi tuh.. heheh..]. he got another year to go b4 he finishes his studies in hukm. [sempat ejek dia-aku habis dulu~! iyyeah~]

After 4 months lebih kurang kami berkawan, kuar reramai pergi putrajaya. Masa ni sempat dia approach aku tgh tgk tasik sementara menunggu mmbr2 lain selesai solat di masjid putrajaya tuh. [hishh.. menyemak pulak mamat ni.. baru jer nk feeling tgk tasik]. Sempat lagi kami tergelak kutuk sorg brader kat bwh tu masa dia tiba2 tnya... ‘kau suka aku tak?’ aku pndg kosong kat dia buat muka hape-punye-soalan-la-kau-tanya. Just to ease things up, aku jwb-‘kalau tak suka, aku tak layan’ pastu aku bantai gelak. Hehehehe [jahat ek? Mmbr tgh serius tu] peliknye dia tak gelak, sblknye dia smbg- ‘sudi tak kalau kau jadi awek aku?’ ni first time nmpk muka dia serius... i said.. ‘errr... ok’ then bling..bling..! u can see the stars coming rite from his eyes. I was saying ‘ok’ just to calm myself but he took it seriusly. Terlajak perahu boley diundur, maka aku tak ckp apa2 dah lepas tuh. [walhal diam tnda setuju ek?] terus brader yg kitorg gelakkan tadi menghilang dan rasa mcm sunyi jer tmpt tuh walhal ramai jer knk2 ribena bermain di keliling. Dan2 tu jugak, memikirkan tak mau gigit jari nnt, we made a promise. I told him,he may have some difficulties wif my dad nnt lmbg nama dia takde syed. Dia kata dia sggp redah dulu. try to be part of my family. kalau nak pisah, biar sbb takde restu fmly, bukan sbb kalah sblm berjuang. [ececececeh.. mati la masa ni rasa nk tergelak] then he told me, dia akn busy. Takkan ada byk masa utk ku. takat tak kontek 3-4 bulan tu maybe akn jadi perkara biasa. Sggp ke aku? Tanpa fikir pnjg, i said ok, akn sentiasa cuba memhmi [walhal terima sbb dia sggp nk tempuh dugaan wif my dad dulu].. and there we had, a promise!

After that, byk betol menda nk tnya. Soklan utama-why me n why now? Katanya sebab tak mau cari dlm bidang yg sama and dulu dia tak konfiden,maka takut terlepas lagi. [oh i see] I ask, sejak biler? Katanya minat sejak sekelas. [terdiam kejap sbb kami hnya sekelas masa form 1 jer] Katanya masa sekolah dulu tak berani sbb pesaing2 nya hebat2 belaka [yer lah tu.. apa2 jer la awk nk mengayat!] ingt nk tackle masa form 5 but he thought i had an affair wif this guy which happens to be his best buddy. [ i hate gossips~~!!] dia ingt nak masuk jarum after spm but he thought i was his other mate punye gf. [i hate gosips!!!!] after that, he heard i was dating this hottest guy [people always mistaken him as takeshi kaneshiro-seriusly~!] in science faculty at UTM [ok.. ni betol bukan gossip.. kekeke..]so, he got himself a girl where this girl yg appraoch dia dulu. [dia terima jer sbb mmbr2 lain dah couple~] thats why, msg2 dgn dunia sendiri slps spm. I ask him too, kenapa pilih perubatan rather than engineering? [becoz he is a physic freak] he said sejak kes budak kaki melecur masa form 4 dulu [air panas baru masak sedap je mengalir kat kaki aku-sebulan sblm international netball game kat penang- tension!-tapi dpt gak main! Hehehe..], dia risau yg amat. Sejak tu, dia tekad nk jadi doctor. Dari 1994[f1] smpi 2002[habis utm] dia simpan, baru skrg dia nak ckp.. dasat betol laki ni kalau memendam! huishhh... [habis la terharu aku masa nih~]

Now dah nak masuk 3 tahun. Boley kira dgn jari berapa kali kami jumpa. Dulu rajin telefon and sms. Sejak dia kerja, dia takde masa. Tipu la kalau kata tak sedih but he warned me earlier. He did made my mother happy and my father was ok wif him now. He made it thru and now its my turn to fulfill the promise we made. We had no communications now but i knew, i’m always at his heart~mmg sejak dulu lagi. Since i had this blog, its easier 4 me to handle our situation. I’m in my own world now so i wont bother him much coz i know, his life is quite hectic now. Why shud i bother telling him that i need him when dying people out there need him more? Dia milik masyarakat and i have to tolerate wif that. Maka, tak perlu nak kecik hati kalau dia tak call or sms sbb dia tu nak mkn pun takde masa [pujuk diri sendiri]~ no reason for me to leave him, in fact, got tonnes of reasons for me to stay. Most of my girlfrens dont agree wif me - tahan ke pakwe kau tak contact bermnggu2?-maybe dia psg lain kot kat sana [mati lah diorg mencucuk] but i put it this way... setiap jodoh ajal rezeki dah ditetapkan Tuhan... mesti redha dgn setiap rencana-Nya.
Apa2 pun,I am ok wif him, nothing is wrong wif us. Its just that, we dont communicate each other much. I understand. When it comes to duty, he had to put me aside. People’s life is in his hands. Btw, i’m not his wife yet, so, takde hak nk bising kalau dia tak lyn. Tak lyn bukan makna tak syg. I also know, he always had me in his heart. [Me too..] Importantly, i am happy the way i am now. I have my new blogger frenz around, having you out there always trying to make me happy, having my family and frenz where i can always mess up wif thier life. what more can i ask? I feel so blessed and grateful for what i have. As for us, like most people say - kalau ada jodoh, tak ke mana...

Sherry & Scabe~*


That is all I can say whenever I missed him. Dah lama tak jumpa. Kali terakhir jumpa masa dia punye sukan ant kementerian kesihatan tempoh hari yg menyaksikan dia memanaskan bangku simpanan bagi perlawanan bola tamper mewakili negeri Pahang. Walupun gelak tgk dia kat situ je tapi memandangkan sukan ini mcm standard SUKMA, maka kagum jugak la dia terpilih walupun simpanan je. Hmm..

Dah lama dia tak call. Apatah lagi nk sms. Mmg tak suka katanya. Sms hanya apabila ada perkara penting je. Telefon pun dah mula jarang2. It happens sejak dia mula kerja, about a year ago. He was attached to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan di Kuantan. [Thank God! Masa ni dgr ura2 dia dpt ke sabah!] He did warn me that he will be damn busy and may not have much time for me [houseman-2 years]. At this time, I told him, I will understand and support him. He smiled. He said he was blessed to have me and most importantly how independent I am without him [his previous gf depends so much on him, rimas!] 2 weeks after I got my offer to further my masters in UPM, he got his attachment letter, ordering him to go to Kuantan. At least that news reliefs me.

That was a year ago. Now, mmg betol dah lama tak contact. Dulu rajin gak dia call 2 minggu sekali. Kalau untung, sejam borak. Tapi selalunye borak dlm 10 min jer seminggu. Before his game last week ni, the last time I met him was on my birthday [19 January-semua yg baca ni siler ingat!]. He spend so much $RM on me sbb qada’ kan segala hadiah yg dia tak pernah bagi sejak 2 tahun kami bersama. Tunjuk je apa barang nak, dia bayar semua. Baju, kasut, gelang.. semua dapat hari tu. Cant stop smiling.. ;) hehehe… [senang ek nk pujuk hati pompuan~*].. but that was the indah part of our story…

The story begin as he was my schoolmate. Sejak form 1. Lebih dikenali sbg Scabe di klgn batch kami [sebab dia org pertama kene penyakit scabbis masa form 2] Never actually notice him sebab dia kelas plg pandai. I was in the second class. Cuma masa form 1 shj kami sekelas. Naik form 2 , kami dah berpecah ikut kepandaian. But really I never bother him till form 5. Kami kenal sbg rakan setugas pengawas sekolah. Never more than that. He was well known as a pak lawak in the kelas kubur [mcm kelas biruni?]. Selalu tipu budak2 kelas dia [pelik la korg selalu tertipu dgn scabe!]. He was caught red-handed smoking masa form 3 but terpilih as pengawas masa form 4. [strategi sekolah nak budak2 nakal jadik baik]. He was one of the stars in the rugby’s team. Wakil daerah pastuh tah apa2 lagi. Main sampai otot terkoyak, dia terpaksa quit rugby. But having sport as his passion, he shifted to basket ball. Main sampai piala perdana menteri, piala spritzer and tah apa2 piala [berlagak masuk paper] that I don’t actually bother nk amik tahu. At the end of the school, dia dapat lencana penuh sekolah. [cemerlang akademik and sukan]

Naik masa uni, I went terus buat degree kat UTM, dia masuk matrix seremban.Yg tahu, at the end of the matrix year, he was one of the pelajar cemerlang kat matrix dgn pointer 3.98 tapi tak dpt anugerah tu sebab pernah kene tgkp main snooker kat seremban. [rekod buruk, dah tak layak] maka budak akaun dgn pointer 3.97 dpt anugerah tu. Lepas tu, dia diberi pilihan nak pergi kejuruteraan atau perubatan. Dia memilih perubatan dan seterusnya menjadi mahasiswa HUKM.

Di HUKM, dia aktif walupun sibuk sbg pelajar perubatan yg sememangnyer terkenal dgn masa yg terhad. Dia wakil wilayah persekutuan dlm basketball. Sehingga lututnya longgar dan operate masuk besi, dia quit basketball dan sambung dlm sport yg lebih lembut-volleyball! [sport as his passion!]. Wakil HUKM dlm bola baling and volley ball. Play really well. He’s also craze for comics. [mmbr dia kata, dia baca komik walupun esok nak xm] Not forgetting having his own band and his role as a drummer. Band dia perform kalau HUKM ada functions. His friends admire him, always referring him as a genius. “Kau bagi apa saja kat Scabe, dia cepat tgkp. Otak geliga.” He has this tremendous attitude of loyalty towards his friends. That’s why, dia tak kekal dgn mana2 girl lama sgt. Ada awek ni leceh katanya. Bak kata mmbr2 dia, he is good in everything except one-girls! Till the end of his fifth year as a medical student, kisah antara kami tak pernah wujud… seolah kami tak pernah kenal…

To be continue…………

Monday, June 19, 2006

Been Tagged by Zaki

1. senaraikan 3 perkara yg sdg anda fikirkan skang??
~pikir topik chat dgn zaki... [reply YM sambil2 update]
~pikir nak tukar skin ke tak... [dah puas pakai ke skin pinkish?]
~pikir jwpan utk isi tempat ketiga ni! [lgsg takde idea!]
2. makanan pe yg sedang anda fikirkan skang?
~fillet o fish [baru mkn semlm]
~ayam msk sambal & udang goreng [ummi bawa blk dari hotel tadi]
~ayam masak merah [mskn ijat yg menjadi ngidaman mando]
3. senaraikan 3 perkara yg hendak anda lakukan ketika ini?
~updating blog [idea tak cukup menarik-nsb baik kene tagged]
~tutup suis air-cond [sejuk]
~tidur! [kejap2 lagi]
4. senaraikan 3 perkara x best berlaku baru2 ini dlm hidup anda??
~sample eksperimen semua tak jadi! [hampeh tol...]
~terlepas dateline nak extend GRA [habis la aku mkn pasir next sem!]
~pergi dinner persatuan asyraff malaysia [diri di ermm.. jaja? muahahaha]
5. senaraikan 3 perkara yg mmg besh yg berlaku baru2 ini dlm hidup anda?
~ada org buatkn banner2 utk kita[sukanyerr-matilah tak puas tgk-thank u!!]
~terlepas GRA, maka ditawar skim khas [yeayy~prof sporting! boley terus mkn fish n chips sem depan! hehe..]
~dikelilingi org yg sentiasa nak happykan kita....
*errr... tambah lagi satu~tgk hubby wakil pahang main volleyball kat UPM. matilah besh tergelak dari jauh tgk dia panaskan bangku simpanan semata~! hahaha..! [oh.. patut lar awk tak nak saya dtg tgk ek? kantoi! main bukannyer terror pun.. padan~!hahaha]*
6. sekiranya anda nampak lelaki or perempuan yg encem or cantik apakah yg anda lakukan?
~plan A : buat2 jatuhkan brg depan dia. kalau dia angkat, yessss. kalau dia tak angkat maka plan B : angkat brg tu dan jalan sajor! muka hensem tapi tak gentleman buat apa! buat dunno jer lar... muahahaha~!!
7. sekiranya anda terjatuh di tempat ramai org, apa yg anda akan lakukan?
~terus buat2 carik barang kat lantai sambil tak angkat muka lambang serius mencari... kahkahkahkah....
8. senaraikan 3 org yg kene buat tag ni selepas ini...
~nad! [sbb dia suka lyn tag]
~awe! [sbb dia baru jer bukak blog]
~jet adam! [sbb pernah kene tag dgn dia]
#..nk tmbh lagi sorg boley?~hata! [sbb nad pun kene! lmbg nak kasik dia rajin update~] ...kalau hazlyn ada blog, habis lar awk pun kene! hehehe..#
#adeh.. nasib baik 8 jer soklan dia..#

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ada apa dgn nama~?

I had my family dinner last nite. Dinner yang ditempah sebijik meja for my family dalam satu acara. Majlis silaturrahim Asyraf Malaysia. I guess tak ramai familiar dgn persatuan Asyraf ni [sampai skrg I dunno the full name]. basicly, this dinner dihadiri oleh golongan2 syed and sharifah sahaja. Hmm..

As we walk in Dewan International Youth Centre [stated depan HUKM], [lambat sampai ok, VIP dah pun duduk, ikut protocol dah tak boley masuk dah ni], we had most head turning. [ish.. malu jgn ckp lar]. Dah lar abah tempah meja agk depan [betol2 blkg meja VIP boley?] nasib baik kami pilih dress jubah as tema baju dinner mlm tu. [not to mention agk menyerlah] semua meja dah habis mkn rupanyer [ok.. mmg lmbt giler!] kami duduk and mkn jer. Masa mkn, malas nk pikir jelingan2 org yg sdg memndang ke arah pentas sebab pertunjukan sdg berlgsg sdgkan meja kami baru nk mkn. [geram betol kat abah-nape abah lmbat?]. Daku mkn dgn selmba, adik mkn dgn malu2 kucing sbb semua org tgk. [perasan jer kau mazrah~diorg tgh pndg stage lar!]

After the nice Arabian cuisine[rich in spice], our eyes went on the stage. Maka hangat lar pentas dgn gendangan muzik selawat segala. Not to mention, ada acara menari2 mcm org arab selalu buat. Byk terms arab yg disebut2 tapi tak ingat apa. Yang ingt is, diorg menari zapin. Performance by asyraff cawangan johor [patut lar~kagum dgn pakcik tua yg menari lama~kuat stamina dia] and semua lagu arab yg dinyanyi kan kecuali kumpulan nasyid yg diterbangkan dari penang. Tu jer lagu melayu yg daku fhm mlm tu. Ini lah kali pertama daku terdedah dgn budaya arab dari nenek moyang ku.

Well, this is the sedih part. Tertggl digicam!! Ishhh… marah betol~

Pada jam 11.15 mlm, daku mencucuk adik kecilku suruh dia ajak abah balik. Then he said, balik biler semua selesai~ I was lyk.. what? when is that? ‘pukul 12 nnt kaklong’ ujar adik ku, lembut. Aduh…. Rupa2nya, ayahku ada agenda lain. Habis dia perkenalkan kami semua beradik [especially the girls] dgn tok2 dan bapak2 syed yg ada. Daku hnya mmpu senyum geleng kepala sajor. Hish…. Rasa geram and marah pun ada… terasa diri mcm dijual~
I know my dad tak brp setuju dgn pilihan ku but since he got no other reason kukuh nak reject [kecuali dia takde syed jer], syarat2 lain dipenuhi. My doctor-to-be hubby is a son-in-law yg hard to resist. My dad kene bisul kat blkg tengkuk dia now and did seek for my hubby’s medical advice indirectly. So, I consider that my dad setuju dgn pilihanku walupun tau my dad tak berapa rela sebenarnya. My mum? She always hope to see me as a doctor [but sadly to become a physicist], so I brought her one. Don’t have to mention how she treats him!

Frankly, I’m not one of the sharifah yg taksub dgn golongan sendiri. Ish… sorry, not me. I don’t think none of my adik beradik yg taksub pun except my father. Dia agk taksub dgn golongan sendiri. Golongan syed yang dikatakan dari salah silah keturunan nabi. Dia kata, sharifah mesti kawen dgn syed je. And I was like, what?! He married my mother without any sharifah. Well, sorry if you think i’m trying to be rude but marrying a syed without considering other matters such as, what does he do, his family background and education level, I wont choose a guy that doesn’t fit my criteria. Memilih? I admit! I have to be picky when it comes to choose my partner in life. I don’t go for name, asal dia 1-sembahyang tak tggl, 2-tak merokok, 3-educated! [well, ini syarat my mum.. I ikut jer~ hehe]. As my mum said, cukup syarat tu meliputi menjaga agama, kesihatan dan berfikiran matang serta bersifat rasional. Bak kata ummi, Abu Lahab pun keturunan nabi jugak tapi dilaknatullah~ takkan nk pilih yg mcm tu jugak… So, ada apa dgn nama?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sakit kaki dan hati..~

Hmm.. actually got something else in mind for my update tapi tak mmpu nk bercerita dlm keadaan 'panas' ni...

I was sending my lil sisters to school. Pergi lalu jln lain, balik ikut jln lain sebab nak elak jam depan sekolah tu. Sempat jugak rasa geram kat lori blkg sebab hon tnpa memahami keadaan ku kat depan ni. Nama pun jln sekolah, yg gatal lori tu nak lalu depan sekolah time budak2 keluar masuk ni apa hal? Tau lar shortcut but this is schoolhours ok! [oh.. lupa pulak tahap mentality lorry drivers ni.. ~maka sabar je lah]

Tapi bukan itu yg daku geramkan pun. Dah biasa berlaku. Malah, makin kuat hon dia, makin lembab keretaku dibawa… cool je. hehehe.. sehingga lar daku belok simpang dan lori tu terus je memecut sebaik saja kereta ku dah takde kat depan dia.. hish.. laju betol org tu bwk dah mmg tak sabar nk ‘pergi’ agaknyer~~ biarlah dia..

Elok jer belok ke jln tu, mataku tertgkp satu iklan yg dicoretkan atas kad manila~ [pelik]. Tulisan tak sempat baca tapi mata tertgkp gmbr muka org.. pompuan! About 50 meter bwk keta when I decided to turn back. Sgt curious nak tahu apa dia tulis sebab iklan atas kad manila jer. Elok jer berhenti tepi jln tu, dgn anugerah penglihatan yg tak ternilai dari Yg Maha Esa ni, tnpa apa2 kanta, dari jauh boley ku baca dgn jelas~~
MARI.. MARI.. BARANG MURAH.. URUTAN MANTAP UTK LELAKI! SERVIS PUN ADA!! [tgh2 iklan tu ada gmbr pisang yg dikupas, sebelah pisang tu ada gmbr muka pompuan [nsb baik muka jer bukan bdn] muka mcm *#@*^%, atas iklan tu ada number utk dikontek]

Astaghfirullahal’azim!!! Tepuk dahi membacanya! Tiba2 rasa bangi ni sgt tercemar. [mmg tahu dah pun tercemar tapi tak sgka lar terdedah sebegini sekali] Tanpa sedar, daku keluar dari kereta tu, lintas ke seberang jln dan terus terlompat2 nak amik iklan tu. [tingginya tiang dia!] Geram tak dpt tgkp, tiba2 daku tendang tiang tu [jgn tnya kuat mana] then elok jer iklan tu jatuh! Apa lagi, dgn lagak yg kononnye cool, daku koyak saja iklan tu~ puas!! marah, geram, kecewa.. bercampur baur~ kenapa lah ada manusia yg lyn maruah pompuan mcm brg murah utk dijual beli? tak nafi, pompuan pun satu~takde rasa nk pertahan diri. Membenarkan menda2 mcm ni berlaku. Alasannya makhluk yg lemah katanya~ [muak dah sebenarnye dgn alasan mcm ni] Teringt farah aina~ perempuan hina yg menconteng arang ke muka mak ayah. dia patut direjam jer~

Mmg kebykan maruah pompuan zaman sekarang ni tggl sisa jer [walupun tak semua]~ Apalagi yg boley ditolong? Daku hnya mampu buat muka tebal terlompat2 mcm org tak pandai di tgh2 panas terik tepi jln dan byk kereta lalu lalang ikut jln tu. [x sedar org kiri kanan pndg] marah jugak dgn jiran2 yg dok keliling tu, takde hati ke nk turunkan iklan hina mcm tu? Seolah subahat menggalakkan menda2 mcm ni.. ish.. ish…

Fuh.. lega dah dpt luah.. tapi tgh menangggung akibatnya nih~lebam kaki sebab tendang tiang tadi! hadoi..~~ *sigh*

Monday, June 12, 2006

Gelombang FM~

I had richard marks and madonna in my closet when i was this age!

I was driving home when I was listening to Then I switch to and switch to and the list goes on~~ I was like, what the heck I’m looking for? Hmm…

Radio has change so much since I first knew anything about songs. I love listening to music but buying albums is just so not me~~ bukan kedekut tapi not worth buying just to listen to 1-2 songs yg sedap~ so, radio was always my first option when I turn to music.. so the list goes..
For me, this station rockz becoz there’s no much commercial~ masa mula2 dgr ni,i was in fini’s car. Mati2 lar ingt tapi dari satu lagu ke satu lagu, semua best2! Ish.. tak mcm ni.. oh, stesen baru rupanyer! Best2! Tapi lama2 dgr, I realize, lagu hits dia dipasang terlalu byk kali. Lagu wajib dengar SETIAP kali terpsg is you’re beautiful by james blunt and I’m just a girl next door by dunno-who. Ceh~ gonna be almost like dok putaq lagu yg sama ja.. lagipun dj dia is ex-dj of what do u expect lar kan? So, this is how I hafal my songs… dgr jer byk2 kali! Nasib sedap!
This is my 2nd choice but still, I find lagu2 nyer agak mengarut di ptg hari [after 6] dan mlm tak berapa menyengat. Hanya pagi2 yg best sebab morning crew dia best dan plg suka segmen Gotcha! Segmen dia mengena2kan org tu. Boley terbahak gelak sorg2 dlm kereta! But still, iklan dlm radio ni makin byk~ *sigh*
This is my 3rd choice. Lagu2 dia mix dari zaman 90-an sampai sekarang. Kiranya byk teringt nostalgia lama lar kalau dgr. Nih radio pilihan ku waktu mlm. Itu pun kalau mlm2 drive kereta lar~~ dj nyer tak berapa menyengat tapi iklan dia tak byk. So, ok lar kan.

Light N
Haa… ni zaman 70-an dan 80-an. Byk gak lar lagu2 best sebab mmg awl2 dulu membesar dgn lagu2 mcm ni. Mmg kenal Madonna and Richard Marks dulu sebelum kenal Hattan dan Nash. Hanya dgr di waktu mlm jer sebab mlm lagu2 dia sgt light n easy-listening..,
Sorry, mmg kureng sket lyn lagu2 melayu tapi masih ada jer yg best dgr. kdg2 kuar gak lagu2 omputih tapi stesen ni dibuka kalau keempat2 radio pilihanku tadi mengeluarkan iklan serta lagu2 yg sengal~
Teringat pulak zaman2 kat UTM dulu, suka dgn 2 stesen radio ni – dan [radio dari gelombang Singapore] tapi tu ala2 gak. Tak byk iklan n lagu2 dia best jer pagi ptg mlm. Lebih best biler lagu2 baru dah putaq kat stesen sana sblm masuk stesen mesia. Teringt lagu baru Jewel yg baru masa tu-Foolish dan Stacie Oricco-more to life dah main dekat 3 bulan kat sebelum kuar kat! Ceh.. lambatnyer mesia!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Semangatku yang hilang~~

actually got something else in mind for my prevoius update tapi dah kene tagged, so layan tagged dulu.. hehehe.. so, here goes my update..

hari nih 10 june 2006. sabtu. 12.45 pm. maka genap setahun daku melanjutkan ijazah lanjutan di UPM ni. bermakna selesai sudah 2 semester and got another 2 sem to go~ [mengikut perancangan lar]. tapi ermm...

projek master ku melibatkan penyediaan membran. mcm filem tipis. membran ni boleh dibuat sebagai tenaga alternatif dlm bentuk tenaga elektrik. siap sample ni, akan guna LCR meter utk ukur konduktiviti dan Raman System utk kaji morfologi membrane. so, bunyinya mudah-sediakan sample dan ukur konduktiviti serta tgk morfologi. tapi.....

nak sediakan sample amik masa berhari2. proses stirring and drying jer dah 5 hari! tu baru satu keping sample. daku perlukan at least 30 sampel pada ratio yg berbeza. sample ni mcm touch and go! kalau jadik, nasib baik. kalau tak, kene tabah dan ulang semula prosesnya. kene baca byk sgt journal utk tahu ratio and suhu serta proses yg sesuai. technic penghasilannya harus ku kaji. try teknik ni utk satu sample, tak jadik, buang! cuba teknik lain, tak jadik, buang! sedar tak sedar.. dah habis dah 2 semester... tapi akhir nya, dlm byk2 sampel, takde satu pun yg daku puas hati menjadi. *sigh* dan yg terkini.. rupa2nya, baru aku tahu yg sampelku tu kene taruk asid fumerik utk cross-link kan polimer PVA dan zeolite! patutlar biler buat pengukuran, konduktivitinye berada pada level penebat jer.. sedangkan aku nak dia pada level conducting!jadi selama yg aku buat nih.. sampel tu semuanyer sesia belaka~~ *nak menangis boley?* [kenapa lar aku terlmbt jumpa journal ni?] well, i'm not that fond in chemistry cause i'm doing physic here. so, i'm just playing with conductivity and radiation. its no wonder i dont know much about acids~

my story line here is.. i'm out of track! dah habis 2nd sem ni, patut dah ada data segala. patut dah start thesis writing chapter 1 dan proses writing experimental set-up. tapi ni baru nak mula balik buat sample mcm awl2 sem dulu. kalau sample tak jadi mmg tahap membunuh semangat nak teruskan projek. dah jadi pun belom tentu dapat bacaan yg kita nak. supervisor nak result jer, tak tgk kita buat! kalau tak jadi, maka kritikan2 pedas menyinggah di telinga. [supervisorku plg terkenal dgn maki budak] ayat yg terbaru daku dapat is--> "you are HOPELESS!!". *sigh*. Dia amat berharap daku sambung phD dlm bidang ni sbb projek ni terlalu baru.

so, dgn kata2 "semangat" dari supervisor dan the fact that all my samples are useless without any cross-linker, maka semngt ku kembali terbunuh. aku terduduk. Terjelepok. Memikirkan bhw tak mungkin boleh habis dlm masa 2 tahun. rite at that instant, i knew i had to differ my studies.. *sigh* [habis melayang lar duit aku byr yuran~]

dlm keadaan tensen mcm tuh, my former labmate came to visit me. with his experience, he guide me. but only for one day. i almost cried when i told him wat happen. but he said...
"Shifa.. lagi byk silap kita buat, lagi byk menda baru kita belajar. hasil sample kau yg salah tu, kau gain ilmu baru,which is org lain tak tahu. ilmu kau bakal menjadi aset penting negara. once kau dah pakar, tgk lar berapa byk company berebutkan kau nnt! boleh demand beb! Sebab malaysia is going for alternative energy, which is menda yg kau tgh buat sekarang nih. lagi satu, kau bakal guna Raman Spec, which is tak ramai pakar alat ni kat mesia. kau jadi mahal nnt. So, kau study lar elok2"

Aku tersentak. Tak pernah terfikir. busy with my sample till i forgot what i'm doing now is for my country. my sample here is going to replace petrol. no more pollution, no minyak hitam, no battery. Just a stack of membrane place in a car and cars are moved by the electricity of the external circuit from the membrane. Using methanol as the source of hydrogen for the membrane n you'll have pure H2O as the byproduct. Very environmental friendly...

I was touched by his words... [kononnyer mcm naik semngt] but frankly.. still couldnt find it yet... Seriusly.. project ni sgt mencabar.. takde rujukan thesis nak dicopy paste. [tipical malay student huh?] semngt ku masih terbunuh... [Ya Allah~bantu lar hambamu ini] pernah jer terfikir nak quit tapi, sekali dah ke depan, takkan nak toleh belakang pulak kan... tapi kat depan ni... tak terjumpa lagi semangat ku yang hilang! *sigh*


Sebab nad dah buat, maka daku pun ikut jer dari belakang...~
here goes....

1. Were you named after anyone? >> sharifah? dah mmg keturunan~ Zuraiha? nope! just my plain name~

2. Do you wish on stars? >> Yes, masa kecik2 zmn tak matang dulu~

3. When did you last cry? >> errrr.... when i thought i'm going to lose him~

4. Do you like your handwriting? >> definitely! [sgt suka isi2 borg ni!]

5. What is your favourite meat? >> FISH!

6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf? >> They are not mine!

7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? >> yeah! bising and ceria beb! Best bawak shopping~~!

8.Are you a daredevil? >> sometimes~~

9. How do you release anger? >> shut up my mouth n really zikir dlm hati. it works!~~

10. Where is your second home? >> my boring lab of course!

11. Do you trust others easily? >> so-so lar.. still boley berpada2 kot~

12. What was your favourite toy as a child?>>my barbie dolls!

13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless? >> detention class~~

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot? >> wif my buddies only~depends~

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? >> after wat eva explain~never!

16. What do you look for in a guy/girl? >> a sincere friendship...

17. Would you bungee jump? >>definitely!! [aku nak naik dulu zaki!]

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? >> prefer sandals rather than shoes.. so cabut jer lah! hahaha..

19. What's your favourite ice cream? >>S.T.R.A.W.B.E.R.R.Y!!

20. What are your favourite colours? >> pink, purple, blue~

21. What are your least favourite things? >> make-up kits kot. haha~

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now? >>does a list-A hollywood actor counts?

23. Who do you miss most right now? >> errrr.....hmmm.. arrr.. hehehe..

24. What are you listening to right now? >> My kipas berpusing n my adik replying sms with her hubby!~~

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? >> white~so that no one touches me! haha!

26. What is the weather like right now? >> a normal temperature in malaysia at 4 am.~sejuk~

27. Last person you talked to on the phone? >> oohh... *wink*

28. The "first" thing you notice about the opposite sex?>> never bother~~

29. Do you like the person who sent you this? >> definitely..!!

30. How are you today? >> fine,then moody, went on grumpy.after kene pujuk, happy2 again! hehe..

31. Favourite non alcoholic drink? >> err.. plain water? [with no ice!]

32. Favourite alcoholic drink? >> never had one!

33. Natural hair colour? >>never-dyed-dark brown [masa baby kaler merah]

34. Eye colour? >> brownish..

35. Wear contacts? >> no

36. Siblings? >> 4 sisters and 3 bro

37. Favourite month? >> December!~end of the year~

38. Favourite food? >> western~

39. Favourite day of the year? >> Aidilfitri~~

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out? >> also never bother... ajak jer~

41. Scary movies or happy endings? >> both!

42. Summer or winter? >> winter.. love the snow!

43. Do you want your friends to write back? >> of course~

44. Who is most likely to respond? >> my bestest friends

45. What book/magazine are you reading? >> REMAJA! [jgn gelak-hahaha!] also material physics journals-need to complete my work!

46. What's on your mouse pad? >> no mouse pad~buat semak jer!

47. What did you watch on TV last night? >> charmed!

48. Favourite Smell? >> my hugo boss perfume!

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? >> kinda~

50. Most tiresome thing you've ever experienced/done? >> handling big pesta in uni such as pesta kerjaya[2nd big program after convocation!] n happen to be a timbalan pengarah [with pengarah yg pemalas] of the programme! kene marah dgn sponser luar of the program is the most tiring thing! *sigh*

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Kalau api tuh mampu buat dia sejuk… saya sanggup~~"

Hmmm… how to start ek? Not a gud story teller mcm minah tu.. hehehe.. takde rajin nak bukak kamus.. but this is a story about the pure sense of love and its sincere that touches my heart~… and I like to share it with you all~

A girl named MB. She is so nice with cute attitude. She has a lot of things going in and out of her life.. and she has a friend. A guy called AI. A very good friend… started as simple friendship. When the bond grew stronger they become “sahabat” and after somewhile, they grew fond of each other. The bond became more than just friends but no matter how hard they love each other, they can never go on beyond the limit ~ to become lovers! And the sad inspiring story begins….~

MB seorg yg ceria. Mudah berkawan walupun baru kenal. Keramahan nye memikat AI. Walupun MB seorg yg ramah, dia sukar melekatkan diri pada sebuah perhubungan yg lebih dr seorg sahabat. Tapi dgn AI dia rasa lain. Bagai tertarik mendekati diri AI. Nasib baik tidak bertepuk sebelah tgn. Maka mereka menjalin sebuah perhubungan atas nama sahabat~

Perhubungan mereka berjln lancar. Seorg tukang cerita, seorg tukang dgr. Seorg merajuk, seorg pujuk. Seorg down, sorg lift up. Seorg mengamuk, seorg cool. Perhubungan yg sgt selesa lagi lancar. Dlm diam, msg2 rasa rapat walaupun tiada pengakuan rasmi. Yg pasti,msg2 fhm bhw hubungan ini bukan sekadar sebuah sahabat…..

Dalam diam rupanye, keluarga MB telah merencanakan hidup anak gadis mereka. Tanpa sedar MB ditunangkan… kecewanye MB,Tuhan jer lah yg tahu! dan juga MB tau, itu adalah muktamad. Mana mungkin dia mmbantah. Kalau hitam, hitam lar~ kalau putih, putih lar~ keluarga harus didahulukan. dan MB sedar, masa dia utk bersama AI sudah sampai ke noktahnye…

Saat utk meluahkan kata putus sampai tapi msg2 terdiam bagai tak sggp terima kenyataan tuh… AI sedar dan fhm situasi MB, begitu juga MB. Mana mgkn MB perkenalkan AI pd keluarganye lmbg ketegasan keluarganya yg tak boleh digugat! Menjeruk perasaan MB bagai telan mati mak, luah mati bapak. MB sedih dan tertekan…

Maka AI menawarkan sebuah penyelesaian yg suci… AI sggp menemani MB sehgga selamat ke jinjang pelamin… selamat menemui kebahagiaannya di situ.. kasih sayang AI yg tulus membuatkan dia sggp bermain dgn api! Katanyer kebahagiaan dia adalah apabila MB happy. Dia tahu, meninggalkan MB akn menambahkan kesedihannya yg sedia ada, maka dia sggp menemani MB sehgga MB betol2 selamat dan bahagia.. kebahagiaan MB atas jinjang pelamin… Bertalu2 nasihat yg diberikan kawannyer…
“pergh.. sedar tak awk bermain dgn api nih dude?”
“Kalau api tuh mampu buat dia sejuk.. saya sanggup~~”
Begitu sekali ikhlas nye AI. Sggp mengharungi kesedihan MB tanpa syarat! Tanpa mengira perasaan dia sendiri.. dia sedar, dia bakal berhadapan dgn kesakitan yg belom tentu boleh sembuh dlm masa sethn… tapi dia sggp! Kerana itu jer matlamatnya, membuatkan MB happy walu terpksa berkorban perasaan sendiri!

MB terharu bukan kepalang! bagaikn ketemu dgn bidadara yg menyisihkan segala kedukaan dia.. tapi dia jua seperti AI, ingin menikmati apa yg ada selagi masa masih ada~

Kini, mereka bahagia walupun berpegang pada hubungan yg tak kekal. Yg pasti msg2 bersedia biler dah tiba masanya nnt. Msg2 tahu, kebykan takkan fhm. Berkongsi dan menikmati rasa sayang bukan sesuatu yg mudah sebenarnya, tapi mereka terjumpa nikmat tuh dlm persahabatan mereka. Sayang yg lebih dari seorg sahabat tapi tak lebih dari seorg kekasih… Dan dgn masa yg ada, kenangan dicipta dan ingatan disimpan rapi.. ikhlas nye AI menyimpul kasih dlm diri.. tnpa syarat serta tulus dia menyayangi.. seorg insan istimewa yg dia takkan lupa sampai mati..

Walupun sekejap cuma, tapi mereka menikmati salah satu keindahan hidup~ disygi dan menyayangi! AI mula mengerti salah satu prinsip hidup iaitu ‘walupun kita sayang org tu, tak semestinye kita akn bersama org tuh…’ dan mereka mula pelajari salah satu perkara penting dlm hidup….. erti pengorbanan!

This story is dedicated to all the sincere couples out there that cud never reach beyond the limit~
May you all meet in heaven~

p/s: tabik spring pada AI!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

An Evening in Cherating~ [part 2]

Seperti yg dijanjikan... mempersembahkan gmbr2 holiday kami di cherating... [sorry, gmbr mmg takde nak susun ikut turutan]

ini adalah beach view dari apatmen kami dari tingkat 3. yg kelihatan di situ adalah pulau duyung tmpt kami pergi snorkling dan lihat lar pantainyer yg luas, pasir yg putih dan air yg biru.. pelik betol takde sapa yg nak bermandi manda kat sini... who can ever resist such a beautiful scenery? kami sekeluarga menikmati keindahan ni secara privasi!

well, what can i say? i enjoyed my holiday!!

sebenarnya nak rakam angin sepoi2 bahasa.. sempat jugak rakam dari atas balkoni apartmen nih! lihat lar betapa mesranye angin sepoi2 bhs menampar pipi serta membelai rambut adikku husna ni.. oh nyaman sungguh...!

rakam gmbr sebelum turun terjun swimming pool! x leh nk tgkp gmbr pantai mlm2 sebab gelap.. tak nmpk apa sbb takde sumber cahaya.. bulan pun menyorok disebalik awan.. yg pasti di siang hari nih, air lautnyer membiru.. cantik kan?

hasilnyeh.. ni lar muka daku yg langsung tiada SPF sepjg berada di cherating serta keriangan ku memakan seafood tanpa batas! udang, kerang and ikan bakar menjadi santapan. balik tuh, habis menggatal kulit2 semua... nasib lar.. a price i'm willing to pay for the syokness i experienced in cherating!!! syoknyehhh~~

haa.. balik dari pulau tuh, ini lar mototrcross yg daku dok lenjan bwk! sewa 10 min-rm15!! mahal seyh~~ nasib baik dpt bwk dlm 15 min! hehehe.. brader sewa motor tuh sporting jer.. meronda2 keliling pantai dgn motor ni tnpa lesen motor!

ni izzah, si kecik yg tgh merajuk lantas diabadikan dlm gmbr. si ikan duyung yg baru bljr berenang... "abg pezal amik google adik... mcm mana nak tgk ikan!!??" itu lah luahan nyer sewaktu gmbr nih ditgkp..

ini adalah gmbr candid. daku tgh memujuk si kecik yg merajuk tak mau bergmbr. ni semua setelah kenyang melantak mkn atas batu tu.. [ada lagi batu yg rata kat sebelah dia] mmg air dia jernih sini dgn ikan bilis jer tmpk berenang2. pasir sini putih tapi penuh dgn karang2 tajam..

ini adalah adik aku yg berlagak iklan marlboro [x tau apa kaitan rokok dan pantai] tapi lihat lah batu2 batan yg tersusun cantik tuh... area tuh tak leh mandi sebab air nyer gelora sket... mandi kat sebelah sana..

maka, masih byk lagi gmbr2 yg tak tertgkp atas sebab camera girl kami yg takut dgn matahari... seronok sgt smpai tak teringt nak tgkp2 gmbr nih... hehehee...
apa2 pun, we truly enjoy our family holiday this year...~~

An Evening in Cherating...~

Ah ha~~!
Back to updating my blog. So, to make the story short, terus kepada isinyehh.. [ha ah.. yer lah tu short story…~] hehehe..

FiRsT DaY~ [Thursday, 1st june]
Ok. Kitorg tempah muara beach resort which is situated in pantai balok near cherating. Tolak kol 11 pagi sampai kol 5.30 ptg (abah bwk keta mcm lori ok~patut ada tnda [80/90 lebuh raya] kat blkg keta tuh) kami konvoi 2 keta. [van and keta]. Daku drive van n abah drive keta. Ahli rombongan-10 org! terpksa ikut blkg keta abah yg bwk keta tak pernah lebih 100km/h![80km/h to be precise!] perjalanan bangi-kuantan shud be 3 stgh jam jadik.. err.. kira sendiri brp jam! mmg sakit jiwa! Sampai resort tu.. hampeh!!! Tempah 3 bilik tp x puas hati.. just to name a few~air cond bilik kami tak fungsi, shower bilik ummi tak kuar air, swimming pool besar sket jer dari 2 bijik jakuzi dgn paras air tak melebihi pinggangku, bilik girls takde tv! Ummi abah merungut dlm diam tapi adik2 ku merungut dlm bising! Daku jer yg tak ckp pape lmbg penat drive dan kecewa dgn resort. Semua adik2 tak berani tegur daku sbb muka merah tahan marah, penat, kecewa dan geram.. mlm tu mujur dpt tv, boring tgk citer ntah apa, smbl mesej2 dgn mmbr. [thanks yer ada yg mesej daku mlm tuh.. mujur YM di mobile kan! dan juga berdering2 lagu mungkin dari peter pan.]

SeCoNd DaY~ [Friday, 2nd june]
Pagi nih,sejam ummi tggu breakfast yg dibyr rm6 sorg tapi yg dpt hnya lah meehun lembik dgn sket tauge, sawi dan kicap sajor. Tanpa buang masa, abah ngamuk dlm diam dan pagi tuh kami packing terus mencarik resort lain!
Mujur terjumpa apartmen. Sanctuary apartment beach resort. To tell you, giler best!!! Abah amik suite, apartment 3 bilik dgn beach view! after kemas2, terus adik2 terjun kolam!! [dgn daku sekali pun terjun!] tak ler besar tapi tak ler kecik, plg dlm pun 5’6” [sbb betol2 tggi daku-hehehe] pastuh pantainyehh.. sgt mendamaikan [tak tahu nak carik perkataan apa lah.. tak rajin bukak kamus cam minah tu]. Yg pasti, 2nd day ni, pool dan pantai tuh kami yg punyer!! sgt privasi! Adik2 aku dgn perangai dajal masing2, daku tak ler malu sbb takde org tgk!
Ptg tu turun pantai kami main lyg2!! [ni masanya nk tgk abah peel mcm budak2!] lyg2 ku terbang tggi dan bersimpul dgn lyg2 adik ku yg lain lmbg kehampehan adikku yg sengaja melygkan lyg2 mereka berdekatnku sbb dengki kaklong punyer naik tggi ok! Abah pun turut berkonspirasi dgn sabotaj tersebut! Ganti balik lyg2 akak!! Tapi daku sempat lagi usha bot2 nelayan blk dari pancing ikan.. byk nyeh ikannnn!!
Mlm tu, ummi belanja mkn ikan bakar kat bdr chukai. Sedap tapi giler ah lmbt nk tggu! Pastu kene pulas habis2 habisan! Rm200 melyg utk menu yg tak seberapa dgn servis yg lembab~ *sigh*

ThRiD DaY~ [Saturday, 3rd june]
Ha~~ ni hari plg best! The bestest day! Maka nk citer pjg sket lar~
Pagi ni daku yg carik breakfast 4 my family lmbg blnja diorg mkn. Sedap pulak nasik kerabu n nasik lemak tuh. [after swim, apa saje jadik sedap dimkn!] ptg tuh, pelbagai program yg disusun ibu dan ayahku [sedia maklum takde satu pun yg akn menjadik] tapi yg pasti, daku dah bersiap cntk sbb kononnye nk pergi bdr kuantan, nk carik tmpt mkn dekat dgn hospital tu [mmg daku bersiap cantik2 ok~~] but in the end tak jadik sbb ada surprise lain kata abah ku~ [lantas kecewa ok!! Kejam nyeh bapak aku~~!!!] abah kata, dia dah sewakan bot, nk pergi pulau. Pastuh dlm kol 2.15, kami pun naik bot menuju ke pulau tersebut...
Sampai jer sana.. masya-ALLAH.. sgt jernihnyer air nyer.. dgn ikan yg boley dilihat dari watersurface! N again, pulau tu bagaikan kami yg punyer!! family kami jer menghampas pulaskan pulau tuh. Kami sampai pulau tuh kol 2.30… adik ku yg hafiza tu terus duduk disebalik batu.. mmg tak nafi, sgt terik matahari masa tuh. Dia mmg plg takut dgn kegelapan kulit, lantas kene sabotaj dgn kami sbb kepoyoan dia pd tahap yg melampau. Oleh itu, dia jadik tukang jaga brg n cameragirl sajor. [tapi aper lah fiza tak tgkp lgsg gmbr kitorg bermandi manda dlm air laut masa kitorg snorkeling tuh-sibuk jer dok blkg batu-bujet tak hitam jugak lah dok situ?] sbb panas lah, kami terus terjun air! Sejuk~
Daku n mazrah pergi ke laut tgh sket nk tgk ikan2. masya-ALLAH, indahnyer ciptaan Tuhan dgn ikan yg berwarna-warni. Rugi tak bwk roti nk bagi ikan2 tuh mkn! Sempat lagi umi abah menikmati saat2 romantik sblm sama2 terjun ke air laut.[adik2 ku pun sabotaj dgn mengkp gmbr diorg! Nakalnyehhhh!!]. Sempat lagi ummi kuarkan teori kalau tgh2 panas, masuk dlm air laut, kulit tak itam sgt compare kalau masuk air klorin[swmming pool] sbb air laut ni garam. [ummi-chemist] ummi suruh adik2 ku sental kulit dlm air laut sbb air garam laut bersifat antiseptic [masa ummi menjerit2 ni, dia sdg menggosok2 muka ku!-muehehehehe]
Yg bestnyer, adik lelaki2 ku menyakat adik ku yg plg kecik sekali. Disebabkan ketakutan yg amat sgt, izzah terus boleh berenang dgn jayanya dari tgh sampai ke tepi sebab nk melarikan diri dari abg2 nyer. Dia berenang tnpa sedar dgn laju! Kami semua kagum! Dan daku plg bgga sbb ajaran yg berhasil. [pasnih izzah dah tak yah pakai pelampung lagi yer..]
Pastuh ,kami sempat piknik mkn atas batu tepi pantai tu. Mkn nasik berlauk yg dibawa dari seberang sana. Lepas mkn, kami terjun lagi!! Sambung snorkeling pergi tempat jauh sket. Dah puas bergumbira kat pulau tu, kami balik dgn bot menjemput. Sampai pantai tepi resort tuh dlm kol 6 ptg, tak puas main, kami smbg main tepi pantai depan apartmen. Me n mazrah sewa motor 4 roda yg bwk tepi pantai tu. daku berkejaran dgn mazrah naik motor msg2 dgn angin sepoi bahasa dan muzikal ombak yg damai… giler besh dan nyaman! [akk dah tak lyn dah lyg2 tu.. korg main lar.. korg terliur jer la tgk akk naik motor ni.. hahaha~ pdn muka korg! Sape suruh putuskan lyg2 akk?~muahahaha~ budak kecik tak boley bwk ok!!] swimming, naik bot, snorkeling, piknik atas batu, motorcross.. mmg hari ni besh giler~~!! Buat julung2 kali mlm tuh, umah kami kol 9 mlm semua dah terbongkang tido!

FoRtH DaY [Sunday, 4th june]
Pagi ni pergi lwt tmpt maklong n nenek kat legend resort berdekatan apartment kami. Actually my maklong punyer family buat family day. Patutnyer kami join sbb mmg every year keluarga sebelah ummi buat family day utk keluarga kami semua anak beranak. Tapi sbb timing yg tak sesuai, maka tak dpt join. Diorg sampai cherating sejak semlm lagi n stay smpi hari selasa. Family kami dah nak balik hari nih. [jeles ok tak dpt join! Kalau tak boley join kak zetty coordinate games~ ramai budak2 kecik!] takper, next year rancang nye nk ke lumut kot.. or maybe redang! Sure fmly kami join!!
Tapi yg menarik hari ni is dinner tadi. Dah smpi kl, area setapak, kami lalu kat restoran nasi dagang pantai timur. The lauk was so amazing!! And the best menu was ais krim bakar! Sbb menu tu pelik, kami order… biler smpi tu, rupanya aiskrim tu di masukkan dlm roti mcm roti doraemon tu dan roti tu dibakar! Biler mkn, aiskrim dia ada n sejuk kat dlm tgh roti tuh.. giler ah sedap~~!! Sedapnyehhhh~~ [lagi sedap dari aiskrim muka ok!] Hahaha… kami smpi umah dlm kol 9.30 mlm setelah bertolak dari cherating pukul 2.00 ptg tadi…

So, ini lah cuti-cuti sekolah yg berlangsung dlm keluarga ku kali ini. Overall sgt seronok walupun terpksa berdepan dgn pelbagai kerenah adik2 yg pelbagai…
habih ler daku langsung tak bersunblock sepjg berada di cherating...! Yang pasti, i'm exhausted but so much happy~~!!

p/s: disebabkan masalah teknikal, maka akn upload gmbr kemudian yer.. in my next upate!