Monday, November 24, 2008

Tagged by Neen~*

Well, there are few people who are somehow responsible of me jumping into this world of blogging. You can see them on the left side of this blog. And when they ask for favours or anything that concerns the matter of blogging (read : tagging) its hard for me to reject. So this one entry goes for that one lovely gurl that is very 'nice' enough to tag me.

(yeah neen~) So here goes…

Rules are:

1.List these rules on your blog.
2.Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3.Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
4.Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

(yeah.. simple. But since I’m a rule breaker, can I just skip rule number 4 & 6? Heh~ Okay, the first thing is done.)

Well...7 Facts About Me:

1. Obviously, I’m a rule breaker. But never get caught. Heh~

2. I’m working on the basic device on the existing of internet. Without the device, we will still be living in the world of sending mails and telegrams. Imagine that heh?

3. I’m a writer for a local newbie magazine called KONSEP. I was approach by one of my blog reader to be part of the writer’s team. You can find me there by the same name as I use for this blog.

4. Due to lots of friends and a lil bad memories I have, I create a lot of names to categories my frens. Zue, Sherry, Shifa, Zurai, Raiha are among the common names I use-for bangian peeps, schoolmates, universiti mates and ex-students. I only met 2 people in this world using the same name Zuraiha-nama makcik Anem and nama kedai makan kat stesen bas Larkin. Makes the name sound unic huh~? Hah!

5. In this virtual world, I’m usually known as Dark Angel & Lady Fantaghiro.

6. I love number 27 and 7 for no specific reason. I’ve been using it as my user name since 18 and when people ask why the number,its hard to explain. Now its easier to explain cause its my age and the reason will only last for this one year. Next year, its back to ‘entahla-tak-tau-nape-aku-guna-nombor-27-ni’

7. Now you know why I wanted to answer this tagged cause I have to give 7 facts about me. Err.. this number 7 fact counts right?

Next; 7 unspectacular quirks of yours:

(can I just call my sisters on this?) Well…

1. I use to walk like a pink panther when I was small. Now, I walk like a cat. Haha.

2. This one I usually get from people – ‘Eh kau tak minum air lepas makan?’ Cause I always get it from people, I’m beginning to think that this might be quirky.

3. My youngest small sister will sing a lullaby or read bedtime stories for me to get me to sleep.Maybe so that she doesn’t have to hear me nagging too much. Haha.

4. Using lots of sandals and slipper in one day. Got a room slipper, then going out reaching any matching sandal. Then, while driving, use different driving sandal. In the office, got room slipper and using different sandal for praying. Same goes to towel, bed sheet, brushes and the list goes on… Yup, cerewet dan merimaskan.

5. I can easily (and accidently) fall asleep. While driving (Kids, don’t try this at home) and while standing. So never ask me to join any long hour talk/lecture/seminar. My eyes and head just won't tolerate even if I sit in front of Sultan that is delivering his speech. I’ll just give him a head-banging. Totally uncontrolable even if I get enough sleep.

6. Haha. Don’t ask me to go to the clinic cause I hate to see doctors and nurses in hospitals or clinics. They kinda represent big needles that would suck your blood till the last drop. To avoid this whatsoever fobia, I just seek for their advice via online. No need to meet them. Heh.

7. Due to that matter, I’m extra careful of what I eat. People say I’m on diet but actually, I just don’t want to go to any hospitals or clinics. The last flu and cold sneeze I had when I was in form 2 I guess. The doctor shot me with that needle. Grrrr.. I hate that! Since that, I made apple as my best friend. Heh.

So there you have it, some little facts about me. Just for the easy and pleasure reading.

Anybody want to be tagged? Be my guest and put yourself in my 7x7x7 list. Everybody’s invited.

And I was tagged by a lovely gurl named Farah Nazneen a.k.a Neen.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Matematik itu indah~*

Sejak naik turun harga minyak, aku jadi suka matematik. Kerana matematik membuka mata aku utk melihat sejauh mana aku kena tipu. Tu sebabnya kita kena jadi pandai mengira supaya tak terkena tipu-menipu dalam menjual-beli.

Hari ni kerajaan umum nak turunkan harga minyak lagi limablas syen. Terus aku check harga minyak terkini dipasaran dunia. Latest aku check jadik USD54.39 setong. Ok. Jom kita start kira.

1 tong = 159 liter = USD54.39

USD1 = RM3.5974

USD54.39 = RM195.66 = 159liter

Oleh itu, 1 liter = RM1.23

Subsidi kerajaan = RM0.30 seliter,

Maka RM1.23-0.30 = RM0.93

Harga kita kena bayar = RM2.00

Duit kita bagi free kat kerajaan = RM2.00 – RM0.93 = RM1.06

Seronok ke? Alahai….

Bilernya aku nak beli alfa romeo nih? Waaaaa….

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

La la la kerja~*

Pressure kerja. Dah. Aku nak menulis pulak. Lantak boss nak cakap apa.

Kerja ni ada macam2 situation. Ada situation happy, ada situation tak happy. Ada yang serius kerja. Ada yang tak serius kerja tapi hasilnya ada. Terpulang pada orang yang kerja. But for me, I prefer to work in a relax environment where I know my work will produce a quality output.

Some people are just too professional in work. Yeah.. yeah.. Its all about the company’s vision and target. It’s all about the best that you should give for the company. But I tell you lah, if you perah your staff to do work in a pressure way, otomatikly your staff will loose interest in their job. Bos mainkan peranan dalam bab2 menjaga kebajikan pekerja (which includes emotion ok-need some understanding and trust). Sometimes, you have to put a little bit of emotions in the professional work. And never ever compare your staffs with others because different people, different capability. You should detect and identify your staff’s ability in order to bring them up to the best they can give. Its all about human nature. Biler staff kerja dengan happy, output pun cantik, and directly company pun happy. Senang. Ape lah yang susah sangat nak paham. And all it needs is a little of understanding and flexibility. Putting too much expectation on work will cause pressure on yourselve. (read : not happy-not productive-outcome tak best) But not putting much expectation on work will not put you on pressure (read : happy-productive-outcome otomatik jadi best)

But some human (mostly yang hardcore workaholic) will definitely go for professional etique. Yer lah. Mmg patut macam tu kan. Tapi ada sesetengah may not work out under these so-called unwritten protocols. What do you expect, some people are born to be a rule breaker and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. (yer lah.. langgar undang-undang, sounds bad) sometimes you have to step above the limits just to achieve the best you can be. Some people look at things differently and that is how I see things. Some people are care-free type of person. Breaking law and rules are things that I can do easily (tapi tgk jugak apa rules dia, as long as tak langgar undang2 Islam dah gariskan, ok lah tu) it might give bad impression but as long as you know what you're doing and its for the better sake of you (and sometimes for others too), just do it. Yup, fighting over your own boss is so not a good thing but if you know what your fighting for and what you fight for will do you better, then don’t hold back. Fight for your right. Be firm. Don’t be afraid if he ‘ugut’ to fire you because you know, rezeki kat dunia ni bersepah. It’s not the end of the world yet and ALLAH will always be with you through ups & downs.

Well, am not expecting all of you to agree with me anyway.

PS-Did you guys know that Bill Gates ada buat mansion besar ala2 rumah sebagai pejabat for his staff? Tak silapnya, mansion tu ada 20 bilik, pejabat berkonsepkan ruang tamu and mmg homely, siap ada swimming pool. Somewhat they call like homely office. Set-up office ala2 kat rumah. It’s the purpose to make their workers to feel like home and psikologinya, they will work in a happy mood. Can break anytime, can relax anytime, working time are flexible and amazingly, the workers there are said to be more productive than other workers that is working in the office. Gosh… Never thought of it. So-call professional & working etique! Haha.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Erti kehidupan~*

“Menyampah la macam ni.. Esok tak nak pergi sekolah” My sister came back from school and merungut pasal sekolah mcm biasa. And macam biasa, Kaklong tadah telinga dengar ceritera dia. “Kenapanya dik?”

“Cikgu tu.. tak bagi peluang langsung. Dah la suka bagi homework banyak2. Pastu bila semua orang tak siap, dia marah semua orang. Masalahnya bukan dia sorang je cikgu yang ada tau, subjek lain pun ada homework jugak. Dia bagi homework tak berpada. Cuba tengok banyak ni homework dia bagi kemudian dia suruh siapkan dalam masa 3 hari? Apa dia ingat kita ni budak U ke nak buat kerja banyak2 macam ni? Kitorang budak2 lagi tau. Masih merangkak dalam nak memahami erti kehidupan. Kami pewaris generasi akan datang perlu dididik dengan cara yang betol.Esok ada latihan menari lagi, latihan rumah lagi. Cikgu ni tak merancang dengan baik. Penat lah macam ni…..”

Alahai.. kesian adik ku. Kecik2 lagi dah stress. Patut lah cepat tua. Mana dapat idea tentang budak U dan erti kehidupan pun aku tak tahu. Konon matang ler sangat. Tak tahu siapa ajar.

Bila tengok adik aku stress mcm tu, aku simpati dgn nasib dia bila besar nanti. How is she going to handle the ‘erti kehidupan yang sebenar’? Tapi adik aku bukan nya tak pandai. Ok je dia. Hobi dia sekarang ialah mengumpul sijil2. Katanya senang nak mintak kerja nanti. Orang boleh menilai kemampuan dia melalui sijil2 tu katanya. Dia target nak sijil yang besar2 such as dari pejabat daerah dan sijil yang dikeluarkan pihak negeri. Pastu dia target nak sijil yang diiktiraf negara. Ntah apa2 lah pertandingan dia masuk semata nak kumpul sijil yang berkualiti. Senang nak mintak kerja katanya. Harhar. Sukti ler dik... janji u bahagia.

And i pray you all the best. Jangan stress2. Belajar sampai habis dulu. Guess i have to teach her not to bring stress and pressure back home cause it will make her more bad tempered. Nanti dia jadi marah2 semua org. Cheh.. Ngalahkan org yg dah kerja. Over betol.

Owh.. did i told you guys that she’s just 9 years old? Gosh... imagine the stress...And yeah.. she got that hadiah matapelajaran terbaik B.Melayu (Penulisan) for this year. No wonder.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When thing goes wrong~*

Sometimes when we are facing the most difficult moments in our life, we can’t expect people to always be there for us. We have to stand up. Face it. Beat it. If we can’t beat it, get along with it. Then we’ll might pave way to get rid of it..

Gosh.. I never thought it would be this hard when I jump into my working life. I thought I’d enjoy my job. But it wasn’t as I expected. Everything is starting to fall apart. Is it because of my boss? Naaa.. don’t want to blame him. He’s just trying to be professional in his own way. My teammates? They far from good. They’re the best! Supportive. Caring. Name whatever there is in a friendship, its there with them.

So what is wrong actually? My work? Don’t tell me now I realize that I’m not into physics. Its been in my blood for years now. I’m not trying to be emotional (yeah right~!) but I’m trying to state out why I’m stuck in the office feeling unhappy with what I do. The boss is a little way too strict. My teammates are very nice. My project is creating headaches like hell not that bad. A little about quantum physics, semiconductor laser, fabrication, material science, transciever and some simple2 stuffs that most people can handle. So what’s wrong actually?

Maybe this is the state where most people experience something like “stuck-demotivatedly-unhappily” where they have this kind of feeling like malasnya-nak-bangun-pergi-kerja. Gosh.. what should I do?

Aduhai.. malasnyeeeeehhhh~~~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Temperature gelegak~*

Bengkak hati nih. Paneh ajo kato orang nogori. Saat aku baru nak nikmati kenaikan KWSP yang baru nak mekar, dah kena rampas dek parasit dan lintah darat menghisap madu2 bunga KWSP aku tu. Eh lintah makan madu ke? Ah lantak ler… Heh~

Jom tengok apa ada depan mata. Duit KWSP sebanyak RM5billion nak di ambil utk naikkan balik taraf ekonomi. Duit tu akan disalurkan kepada company apa tah dan bla bla bla aku malas nak ulas yang detail2 tu. Senang citer, nak selamatkan ekonomi negara. Habis tu kenapa dok gembar gemburkan bahawa ekonomi negara kita masih stabil dan kukuh? Nape nak guna duit aku untuk selamatkan company diorg yang nak bankrup dalam carta bursa saham tu? Ini sudah bikini temperature aku naik. Ha.. cuba korang consider menda ni pulak.

Nak beli helikopter. Eurocopter ke ape ke menda namanya. Harga berapa? RM1.604billion. Mana dapat duit nak beli helicopter tu? Kalau tak DSAI pertikai kan, maunye helicopter tu dah selamat dibeli. Nasib baik pembelian kopter tu ditangguh. Negara lain boleh beli dgn harga RM1billion je, tapi negara kita beli ada bayaran extra RM0.604billion. Mana pergi? Bertambah ler naik temperature aku. Masuk poket2 kroni Gangstarz ler. Ala korang ni, buat2 tak tahu pulak.

Minyak turun? Alhamdulillah… turun lah 15 sen. Dulu masa naik, bukan main lagi naik mendadak. Takde tanya org dah. Terus naik tanpa kaji pape. Tapi biler bab nak turunkan, punyer lembab lah nak turun. Nak kaji itu ini lah hape lah. Turun sikit2. Setahu aku,kalau adik aku nak naik bukit, nak panjat bukit tu yang lembab, nak turun tu laju lah. Heh. Tapi tak kira lah berapa pun kita bayar, sebenarnya kita tetap bayar subsidi minyak kepada kerajaan. Ye, subsidi minyak kerajaan kepada kita tak lebih dari sebuah gimik semata. Mari kita sama-sama main kira2.

So, setakat yang aku dah baca, harga setong minyak dunia sekarang dah jadi USD62 setong. Alah.. senang kira macam ni lah :

1 tong minyak = 159 liter = USD62.

USD 1 = RM3.53 (aku check currency rate tadi dia dah naik sikit)

Oleh itu, USD62 = RM218.86

Maka harga seliter minyak, RM218.86/159 = RM1.38

Subsidi kerajaan bagi = RM0.30

Maka harga seliter minyak yang SEPATUTnya kita bayar,

RM1.38 – RM0.30 = RM 1.08

Mari lihat berapa banyak dah kita kena tipu.

Harga sekarang = RM2.15

Harga patutnye = RM1.08

Harga kita kena tipu = RM2.15-RM1.08 = RM1.07

Hah ambik semua… Lagi banyak kena tipu! Dulu kena tipu RM0.74 tapi sekarang kena tipu RM1.07! Walaupun harga minyak kita dah turun tapi sebenarnye kita menambahkan lagi duit poket utk mereka.

Takde2. Memang aku hangin. Baru je nak jimat duit minyak beli Alfa Romeo, tak pasal2 rupanye kena bagi lagi duit free kat kroni2 diorg lak. Banyak cantik!

So bagitahu aku, siapa punyer darah tak menggelegak baca nih?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sindrom writer's block~*

Ok. Raya dah habis. Dah tiba masa aku hapdate blog yang dah bersawang. Tapi aku tak nak tulis pape sekarang kerana masa yang aku tunggu sudah tiba iaitu masa rehat! Dan masa rehat hari ini sangat penting sebab nak pergi renew lesen kereta yang dah mati sabtu lepas. Gosh… s-i-b-u-k-lah sangat…. Haha. Will be right back! Chiow~!

Hello back~! Yup.. I’m back. Dah renew driving licence, so lepas ni tak kena saman. Aduhai… bila lah kereta nak sampai ni… heh~

So, what’s new? Politics? Hmm.. aku dah start bosan. Bukan sebab tak sokong dah tapi aku s-i-b-u-k-lah sangat dengan kerja. Takde masa nak amik tahu sangat. Yang aku tahu, abdul razak dah bebas, minyak dah turun lagi 15 sen, Najib dah jadi presiden Umno (habis la…) dan media arus perdana cemerlang melaksanakan tugasnya jadi barua kerajaan. Tu je. Lain aku dah tak tahu. Anyone can update me on politikus matter, you are welcome to do so. Thank you in advance.

Raya? Mcm biasa, tak dapat duit raya. So consider, raya aku biasa-biasa saje. Habis cerita.

Pastu pasal kerja. Semua ok. Ada gak yang tak ok tapi mostly ok. So pun habis cerita.

Hah.. sebenarnya nak cakap, rasanya aku alami writer’s block la. Kepala aku dah tak tahu nak tulis apa walupun banyak menda yang bermain di kepala. Nanti2 lah biler2 free, aku tulis lagi.

Ok. Tu je. Habis cerita.

Ps-update ni khusus utk Hanot. Pueh hati~? Keh~